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I know there have been alot of threads about this but wanted to share my thoughts.
The reason why Sakura suckes is because she is the heroine of the series. Sakura has no where near the character development as naruto and Sasuke have and also Kakashi. We doun't even know her back story or even her parants while we know other side charaters parents and some of them are more developed than her. We exppect more from sakura because she is the main character. Hinata has a back story and she is very good character compare to Sakura becasue Sakura is the main heroine while she isn't. I was narusaku fan in part 1 and even in shippuden for a while until i realize she is just too obsessed with sasuke while Hinata has risked her life several times for naruto. Sakura has some character development but as a main character she lacks many qualities. This is just me, you might thing very differently everyone has there own opinion.