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Dramatic effect obviously. Kakashi had time to charge up his Chidori, a jutsu that gets its name because of its loud noise, get behind Kakuzu, and stab him, without anyone noticing. So Kakashi should be the fastest thing in Naruto ever then right?

Didn't you tell me to read the manga? His art has tiers: C0, C1, C2, C4, etc. He used C1 only if I am not mistaken. Probably C2 at best, so my point is still valid.

But if he could have landed a hit, he would have before and after that act of trickery, no? But the point is, with all his skill, he still didn't throughout that whole fight
What does Kakashi have to do with Asuma? Tell me?

He actually used C3 too against Gaara and the village so "C2 at best"? Lol, it's Ironic that you're saying I didn't read the manga.

Lmao, again did you read the manga? Do you even know what's the point of Hidan's jutsu? He though he had his blood, the ritual was complete, all he had to do is stab himself, it seems like you don't know anything about Hidan.

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Thats from the anime...i can fund the manga page of himand onoki fighting in the clouds, but i dunno if we are reading the same manga.
The anime is not cannon.