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    why do people think PS is an EMS tech?

    Please Read before posting

    I think the PS is an MS tech, not an EMS tech and here's why.

    Susanoo carries many forms and this could just be the final form that only Madara has mastered so far.

    Susanoo already has forms; rib cage, skeletal, full, completed, and perfect

    With perfect Susanoo, Madara just stabilized the chakra of the completed Susanoo form.....

    Both Sasuke and Itachi have the completed Susanoo already with their MS.


    Sasuke's...look at how the arms resemble Madara's full form and the cloak.

    Itachi has the same unstable fiery chakra and cloak form

    The Susanoo tech awakens with the MS, not EMS; and having the Susanoo is a rarity in itself. So imagine how rare a PS would be then? I don't think it's an EMS tech since Itachi mentioned that the EMS "gives birth to a completely new tech" and the PS is just an improved version of susanoo.

    And if Susanoo is indeed rare, then PS is like the rarest pokemon out there. Getting both would then be like hitting a jackpot.

    I somewhat compare the Perfect Susanoo to Naruto's rasengan progression where he had to struggle to maintain control of his chakra and also use clones to help stabilize it for a rasengan.

    It's like saying Naruto's chakra mode is MS and bijuu mode is EMS.....but it's not, it's just the mastery over the bijuu, same thing with Susanoo.

    One last note. Madara fought Hashirama countless times with just the MS and Hashirama can easily break through a regular susanoo. If he didn't have PS, how would he have survived each time?

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