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    Sword Art Online: Pilgrim of the Warriors -Chapter 11

    "You are dead meat, GILGAMESH!"

    The infuriated gorilla, who goes by the name Anya, was now charging toward the blond man in the center of the room.

    "Anya, stop!"

    My shout was completely ignored, as she leaped toward the man by the name «Gilgamesh». Strangely, the man remained passive, with a sly expression as the girl charged at him. I don't know if he has tremendous courage or if he is just a moron.

    A fraction of a second before directly impacting, the man jumped backwards with such grace and delicacy, using the sofa behind him to impulse him bakwards. This can't be good...


    Anya, realizing she had missed target, uncontrollably fell toward the floor. With her momentum, it was clearly impossible to stop the next event.


    Anya's fist crashed on the sofa, and proceeded to crash on the floor, leaving a huge crater in the middle of the room. Everyone's reaction is to be expected, full of awe and surprise. I am once remained of her ridiculous strength.

    Anya stared with unspeakable rage toward Gilgamesh as he stood next to the window with his hands on his pockets.

    "Anya, I didn't thought I would you see you here. Or that is what I would like to say. You are incredibly predicable."

    "Shut up!"

    This could turn ugly.

    Very ugly.

    Though Gilgamesh was not in direct danger due to the [Safe Zone], the headquarters were not part of the regalement due to Anya's unique skill. If we don't stop them now, the place could be trashed to the point of no repair.

    But how can we possibly stop an enraged gorilla? We cannot physically restrain her due to the [Harassment Code], and effects such as « Paralysis» are rendered useless in the [Safe Zone].

    Anya slowly stood up, walking slowly toward Gilgamesh, planning her next charge.

    What to do...

    "Food is ready~!"

    Hurstwic, clueless of the situation, entered the room through the kitchen door with plates on her hands. Due to the rules, no sound can be heard from the other side of a closed door, but that is just ridiculous. Everyone stood in silence. Anya, who a second ago was enraged, stumbled on her own feet and landed on her face. Everyone was only able to let a single sound fill the air.



    I do not know if the food or Hurstwic appearance calmed down Anya, but it worked. Five minutes later, we sat on the remaining sofas as the blond man stood in front of us. Asuna, Klein and I sat on one sofa, while Gin, Hurswic and Anya sat on the other. Anya seemed to be enjoyed Hurstwic's company a bit too much. Is she... making a move on her?

    The blond man then, broke the silence.

    "Ah, «Black Swordsman» Kirito, a pleasure to met you."

    "You must be Gilgamesh, I heard Anya screaming your name on the front entrance. What was all that about?"

    "No need to explain, I just came here to give you some vital information about the «Unique Skills»"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, honestly, I thought the clearing groups trying to defeat the game was a silly idea, so I stood on the sidelines just enjoying my life here. Though through your actions, the pace in which the game is being cleared is outstanding, thus raising my interest. It is possible to clear the game, with you in command. Well, the reason I have come here is to give you the location of four.... well three «Unique Skill» users."

    "What? How?"

    "I'm sure you know information breakers work."

    "Ah, I see. But now only three? How so?"

    "Anya was one of them."

    "You knew about Anya?"

    "There is no need to explain further, I'm just coming to give you the information. Two, sadly, are with the red guild «Laughing Coffin». I do not know much about the two though, but they are extremely powerful."

    "Laughing Coffin?!"

    "Yes, very interesting, indeed."

    "But wait, why are you telling us this? Information breakers always have a catch."

    "Is not a catch, as I said previously, you have caught my interest. I want to know how things will end, is a game after all."

    Anya stood from her spot, pointing at Gilgamesh.

    "You can't trust him! He can't be trusted!"

    Gilgamesh smirked, and looked away from her.

    "Now now Anya, better be quiet. You know what I am saying is true, you helped me through my investigation after all."


    Anya was interrupted by Hurstwic, who pulled down to settle down. It was effective. Thank you Hurstwic, I own you one.

    "Well, thanks for the information, we will see what we can do with it."

    "Oh but that is not all."


    "Nothing is more boring than staying in the sidelines, I want to cooperate and have some fun in the first row."

    "This is not a matter of having fun!"

    "Interesting! I noticed we have currently five unique skill in this room!"


    At the moment, there only ones I know of having a unique skill are Gin, Hurstwic, Anya, and myself. That makes four of us. Does that mean?

    The man bowed down, smiling.

    "Let me introduce myself properly, I am «Gilgamesh» owner of «Inventum Skill»"


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    Re: Sword Art Online: Pilgrim of the Warriors -Chapter 11

    Inventum...Invent. o_o Anya breaks things. I'm guessing he makes things.

    Interesting chapter, Gin.

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