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    We might see the SO6P soon, or some of his powers.

    I'm not sure, and there is no evidence, but it's just a thought I had.

    Is it possible, we're about to see the Sage of Six Paths, or maybe Naruto/Hinata unlocking some of his powers? I mean, Naurto=Senju and Hinata=(Uchiha, maybe)+ nearly all the tailed beasts chakra. (Naruto and Hinata are holding hands, whilst being bathed in Kuramas chakra (which might contain the other tailed beasts chakra)). What happens when you combine all these elements? Maybe these are the requirements to revive the sage, or maybe just to unlock his powers. (Talking about the Rinnegan and CoAT. Is it possible we might see Hinata awaken the Rinnegan? Or Naruto learn how to use CoAT?). I know that it's not very likely for any of this to happen but, I can't see the Shinobi Alliance beating Madara, Obitio and the Juubi without some big help, or some big power upgrades.

    Sorry if this makes no sense, just thought I'd post my weird ideas. Thoughts?
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