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    Was Gaara acknowledge by his 1 Tailed Beast?

    Gaara is the Kazekage and is one of the shinobi with the purest of hearts. So why didnt his Tailed Beast Shukaku assist him during his fight with Deidara? When Gaara got injured, Shukaku could have use his demonic chakra to heal Gaara like how Kurama healed Naruto?

    Surely Shukaku knows what the Atkasutki's aim was and will surely want to be extracted as well, right?

    Or, Kurama is the only Tailed Beasts that could heal its own Jinchuriki?

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    Re: Was Gaara acknowledge by his 1 Tailed Beast?

    One Tail probably doesn't have the healing factor as certain other Tailed Beasts.
    Plus, his Mother's Sand was protecting him the whole time, not Shukaku's.

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    Re: Was Gaara acknowledge by his 1 Tailed Beast?

    I dont think so

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    Re: Was Gaara acknowledge by his 1 Tailed Beast?

    It is made pretty clear that:

    1. Gaara rejects being an host because he wants to rely on himself and his own powers.

    2. Gaara received his tailed beast from the father he had an orrid relationship with in order to protected a village that despised Gaara and he despised in return for a very long time.

    3. Shukaku has more or less of a grudge toward humans as Kurama and does nothing but killing when released.

    4. It wasn't Shukaku keeping Gaara under massive defense, nor his mother's curse. If anything, it was his mother's bless.

    To sum it up: Gaara has one of the worst relationships one could have with his hosted tailed beast, probably way worse than Roshi had with Son Goku and (I'm willing to bet) even worse than the indifference and fear Utakata felt for Saiken.

    Gaara is certainly a powerful ninja but as a host he was terribly unefficient.

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