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    Hashirama Senju: Analyzed

    I have done this for 3 characters already, so I figured I would continue on. This time 'round I thought Hashirama would make a sufficient challenge to grade in terms of Databook score. Now, I do not have much to go on (and you will see this in any other thread I make of this nature) but I will do my best to score him fair. Please understand that this is only a fun, theoretical scoring. Hope you enjoy.

    It will be catagorized through: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Intelligence, Power, Speed, Stamina, Hand Seals, and Total score.

    Ninjutsu: Where to start? Hashirama has been known to be a complete master in the art of Ninjutsu. He has the powerful Mokuton and its components of Water Release and Earth Release at his disposal. His Wood Release could reshape the very land to his advantage. He also had another, very unique, skill: The ability to control Tailed Beasts. This is a feat that very few in all the history of the ninja world can boast. This and his Mokuton are enough to prove his skill in this cat. He is so skilled, he can even heal himself w/o the need of hand signs:

    Even in comparison of Tsunade, perhaps the greatest medical-nin in decades, he is said to be on a whole other level.
    In this category, he gets a solid 5. Almost forgot to mention, he is a sealing god. The man was able to sever the control of the Nine-tails and then put it under; also being able to place a seal on Madara severing his connection with the beast.

    Genjutsu: He wasn't shown to possess much prowess in this area, except for his lethal, Bringer of Darkness Technique.

    He would have to have been proficient enough on its use to battle the Uchiha and Madara himself. Seeing as there isn't much to go from in this cat, I cannot give him a perfect score. He gets a 4.5.

    Taijutsu: Hashirama has been shown to have an advanced skill in Taijutsu. He was able to go toe-to-toe with Hiruzen (even though Hiruzen was 70). As per Madara, I will NOT give him a perfect score. I would say Guy's level of Taijutsu sets the par for max points and I cannot agree that Hashirama is at HIS level. Until I get further proof, I can only give him a 4.5.

    Intelligence: There should be no doubt that his intelligence is extremely high. He was able to successfully wage war and go toe-to-toe with the Uchiha clan for years. He was said to be wise. The villagers did choose him to be Hokage. His Will of Fire philosophy has set the foundation for years upon years of successful, powerful, grade-A ninja. He gets a 5.

    Power: He was able to fight (on many occasions) and survive battles with Madara. The very battle between them was responsible for the Valley of the End. He was also noted as the most powerful shinobi of his Madara. There should be no argument that he is a strong 5.

    Speed: He was also shown to be very fast, being able to overwhelm Hiruzen (with the help of his bro). He was also able to battle the Uchiha and Madara, who aren't slow pokes themselves. He gets a 5.

    Stamina: Being a Senju, it is known that they have STRONG life force and vitality. Being so skilled in medical-ninjutsu, he could make himself last longer in battles in ways that we still can't comprehend. So you have his Senju DNA AND above-kage level medical-ninjutsu, he gets an overwhelming 5.

    Hand Seals: Being the first Hokage (a Kage nonetheless) and a master at ninjutsu, there should be no argument that he is a solid 5. To add weight to this, as stated above, he doesn't even require them to perform medical triage on himself.

    Total: 39

    Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu Intelligence Power Speed Stamina Hand Signs Total
    5 4.5 4.5 5 5 5 5 5 39

    Hope you enjoyed the read.

    To those who disagree, please see , it is my thread on Madara's stats. You will see how I came to my conclusion. If it doesn't work, just search "Madara Uchiha: Analyzed"
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