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    Characters you don't like

    This is just a discussion on characters that you dislike in the manga.

    #1 rule. No hating on other members and no cussing or vile/rude statements. If you disregard this rule you will be reported. This is a civilized thread where people discuss their disliked characters in an orderly manner. Nobody is going to listen to you if you insult other members.

    If your here to post a one word answer then this thread isn't for you, post reasons and explain why.

    Remember these are just fictional characters so there is no need to get touchy feely over it.

    Anyway I am going to start this off:

    Obito: Wants "peace" by hacking everyone's brain and overtaking the world. All because he got friendzoned.. like, have a bit of dignity. Also he ruins the Uchiha name and I don't even care for Uchiha's to start off with.

    Kabuto: hate him. Wants to be like Orochimaru when clearly is just a fodder that took his DNA. Thinks he is a genius at everything and is arrogant but fails to live up to this standard which just makes me facepalm. Also he is just... gross

    Hinata: Can't stand her. I like how she inherited Naruto's ninja way and all but every time she is shown in the manga she is always talking about him and how awesome she thinks he is and how she wants to be like him. Obsession much? Didn't like how she jumped out in a stupid attempt to "save" him. It was pretty much her telling him she loves him and committing suicide in the process.. the thought behind it justifies it slightly.

    Anyway this is just my opinion feel free to disagree and tell me if and why you like these characters.
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