I like both Sakura and Hinata but during recent chapters discussion about NaruHina is on high so I wanted to post a thread regarding the same.

Naruto's Ninja way (Nindo) is "Never give up" and we all know Naruto's is in love with Sakura from start so if Naruto's going to choose hinata then its like the Naruto has given up already on Sakura so can we say his Nindo was followed? Naruto also mentioned In Anime Episode 235 he will try and win over Sakura.

Hinata on the other hand always admired, respected and loved Naruto, she also follows Naruto nindo. I personally will be happy if its NaruHina but I just don't want Hinata to be second choice because she deserves more i.e if naruto really falls for her then it will awesome. If its love then I think NaruHina will make a good couple but its will lack humor as compared NaruSaku since Hinata can't contain Naruto like Sakura does.

Sakura well first she was infatuated with Sasuke then he left and Naruto's hard work to bring him back made her realize Naruto was more but she still loves Sasuke. Sakura cares for naruto but not the way she cares about Sasuke. If its NaruSaku it will be good because Naruto's ninja way will be followed and he will get what he always dreamed for..... If its NaruSaku then it will good couple with lots of humor which will give it a funny side as well.

I wanted to know the thoughts of all of you guys what do u think???