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I don't think it is really giving up as much as realising there is someone else out there for you. Naruto also said he likes people like Hinata....now obviously he didn't entirely mean it in thst way, but you get what I mean yes?

He didn't give up on her as much as put her needs before his own. When he made that somewhat sad look and said, "Sakura-chan your really like Sasuke don't you?!"....that was pretty much a point he decided to do whatever he could to get Sasuke back for Sakura. I wouldn't see that as giving up IMO

Also if you want to mention infatuation, Naruto had no real reason to like Sakura just like Sakura never had a legitimate reason to like Sasuke.

Also, there is always a possibility Hinata does have a sense of humor! We only see her every 100 chapters, and besides she has had a complete overhall!

Yeah I guess but its just that if Naruto goes for Hinata after all he done mainly for Sakura's sake it will be good if he falls in love with hinata and not just settle for her. Hinata is an outstanding character and one of the strongest kunoichi out there but was she did not had the exposure as u might say.. agreed