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    The most thrilling developments in the story!

    Name 5 moments in the story that either made you jump out of your seats or captivated your imagination the most or just made you love the story even more than before, mine are, in no particular order:

    1. Sage Naruto saying "Don't FUKK with me" and hurling a Rasen Shuriken at Pain.

    2. Sasuke's words to Orochimaru before he fought the white snake, he pretty much summed up his own thoughts on Orochimaru's pathetic life, my favourite part:
    "Even though the snake dreams of soaring through the sky, it is forever doomed to crawl on its belly. You wanted it so badly, you came after the fledgling in the nest..........but got targeted as the prey instead, by a HAWK flying high above".
    I cannot describe the amount of epicness in that entire scene.

    3. Orochimaru summoning the Shodaime and Nidaime Hokage, and the fight that followed after. Furthermore, the part where Orochimaru removed his face to reveal his true self, and Sarutobi asking him who he was before realising Orochimaru had mastered stealing people's bodies and prolonging his life. So good!

    4. Sasuke admitting that Naruto was his best friend. And later in that fight, when he acknowledged Naruto's strength and stated the reason behind it: "It's because you know the same pain of loneliness as I do; that pain is what makes people strong."

    5. When the mask was finally shattered and the man behind it was revealed, the greatest Uchiha mastermind in all of history was a good natured, clumsy boy from the Hidden Leaf who resembled our Naruto in many ways. The reason behind his means was even more badass to me. That hope is just an illusion created from the desperation of clinging on to ones existence in this pitiful world that holds nothing but lies and mindless suffering.

    What are yours?
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