A lot of you may doubt this and may even shun the idea, but I think that it may be possible. This is an assumption, however please try to keep an open mind.

First I’d like to make a reference to the first battle between Naruto and Sasuke at the valley of the end. As you all know both Naruto and Sasuke were beating each other at one point in the fight, and they were never actually fighting with equal power until Sasuke went into curse mark and Naruto went into 1 tail. This is how it went.

2 Tomoe Sasuke>Naruto

Naruto with Kyuubi Chakra>2 Tomoe Sasuke

3 Tomoe Sasuke> Naruto with Kyuubi Chakra

Naruto 1 Tail=Curse Mark Sasuke

I apologize for the crappy explanation, but I can’t think of a simpler way to word it.

What I’m trying to say is that Naruto and Sasuke aren’t actually equal in strength until they’re at their max power.

This would mean that:
Base Sasuke > Base Naruto. Which is true.( Shown in the beginning of Shippuden, and one technique is not going to change that)

SM Naruto >Base Sasuke.

MS Sasuke ( by MS I mean only his original MS abilities since he now has EMS)> SM Naruto.
This one is somewhat controversial, but I honestly can’t see how SM Naruto would beat MS Sasuke. He can’t dodge Amaterasu because of his lack of speed. He is limited in clones and cannot touch Sasuke, because of susanoo and Enton. He’d also probably lose a taijutsu fight with susanoo. Sasuke was also shown to be able to go toe to toe with the 4th raikage who is Stronger than SM naruto seeing as he is almost a copy of KCM Naruto who is stronger than SM.

KCM > MS Sasuke
KCM is almost like raikage only a little weaker and faster. He’s above Sasuke because he can make clones. I’d also like to not that Sasuke may be able to better read Naruto’s movements now because of his encounter with A. Just like he was able to read bee’s movements in cloak mode thanks to his fight with Naruto at the V.O.T.E.

EMS Sasuke = BM Naruto
Again a lot of you may disagree, but please try and keep an open mind.
Bm Naruto is the exact same as KCM, the only difference would be his ability to go Bijuu Mode as his name suggests.

( Again this is an assumption)
Now Sasuke has basically the same techniques from what we have seen so it would be similar to KCM and BM.
This should mean that Sasuke would have Perfect Susanoo if they were to be equal. It would also make sense that he would have it since it would be the only thing that he would have to hurt BM. Moreover it would explain why Kishi didn’t show us its true power with Madara, so that we would see it fighting for the first time with Sasuke.
In addition it could also explain why Naruto’s BM would have a time limit seeing as it would probably cause great strain to Sasuke.

Kishi might have even forshadowed what Sasuke’s PS will look like in this scan.
( sorry for not knowing how to post the page, but could someone please explain how to do it?)
If you look closely the one on the left greatly resembles Madara’s PS. From its long nose to the wings on it’s back as well as the diamond on its forehead.
The one on the right could be Sasuke’s Susanoo and it would make sense because of its beak which Sasuke’s current susanoo happens to have.

Giving Sasuke another power up also wouldn’t make sense since we don’t even know what EMS could do. Rinnegan wouldn’t be original and would ruin Sasuke’s Uchiha pride since he’d have to be part Senju.

So yeah guys/gals this is why I think that EMS Sasuke is = to BM Naruto.

Please share your thoughts and keep it friendly.

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