Well, as we tend to 2013, I wanted to know your favorite anime which released in 2012.

Mine was Another and Nisemonogatari.

Well, Nisemonogatari was awaited and I expected it to be on my favorites (didn't disappoint obv.). And Another was the 3rd most intriguing anime on my list and the horror blend with psychological twists fascinated me more than what I envisioned. Must-watch!

I was also highly expecting with Black Rock Shooter and while the animation delivered nail-on, I was left disappointed a bit with the extremely slow paced drama. Well, it's a good one-time watch series but I expected so much more.

I was quite busy this past year with exams and stuff and couldn't follow any more new ones. I'm planning to start on some soon...perhaps. That being said, the level dropped a bit compared to last year's outstanding & magnificent Steins;Gate (hands down, my fav. of last year)!

Otherwise, what were your favorites of this year? Anything you'd suggest me...
And here are 2 links to get some info and names of 2012 released-animes.

http://theakiba.com/best-anime-2012/ [You may vote on this one; though it also includes animes which ended in 2012]