Is Naruto Kages Level?

Naruto has grown so much from the first chapter..
Naruto has fought and defends Konoha when no one can..
He finished the edo army of Kabuto, includes a few of previous kages..
He still standing even fighting Madara + obito..
he already able to control Kurama ..
He can do Toad Sage Mode better than Jiraiya..
He has a multiple powerful Fuuton Jutsu - Rasen Shuriken, Wikusei Rasengan
He is the only one who can do large number of Kage bushin..
He able to defeat 5 of 6 pains..
He can use the beast bomb like rasengan..
He is the fastest shinobi alive..

So what level is he right now?

I vote Kages as for his abilities..

but his IQ is still genin..