Naruto: (Kurama are you done building up chakra yet?)
Kurama: Yes. Let's go!
Naruto: Right Hinata! Let's go!

Naruto and Hinata run at the Juubi. More wooden spikes come flying at them. With the nine tails chakra covering Hinatas body she has a nonstop supply of chakra. She air palms them away as they run.

Madara: That girl is annoying.
Obito: (Naruto how would you feel if she died?)

Obito uses universal pull on hinata. Not expecting it she is pulled from Naruto's grasp. As she is getting pulled in the air Naruto grabs hold of her with a chakra arm.

Naruto: Hinata! I've got you!

Obito then uses almighty push on Hinata and she falls near Naruto, seeming to land ok.

Naruto: Are you alright?

Hinata nods.

Madara: Obito. Use your space-time jutsu on the Kyuubi brat.
Obito: Send him to the other dimension?
Madara: Yes.
Obito: Kakashi will just go bring him back. It is pointless.
Madara: Then go with him.

Obito looks at Madara.

Obito: (What are you up to?)
Obito: Very well then.

Naruto suddenly starts being warped to the other dimension.

Naruto: Whats going on?!
Kakashi: Naruto! No!

Kakashi warps himself to the other dimension.

*In the other dimension*

Obito: Hello Kakashi, Naruto.
Kakashi: Obito...
Obito: Now then i think its time we settled this once and for all Kakashi.
Kakashi: ... Naruto... Can you make a mini-rasenshuriken for me?
Naruto: Sure. What do you need it for?
Kakashi: ... Im going to destroy his eye.

Next time: Obito VS Kakashi and Naruto! What will Kakashi do with the mini-rasenshuriken?!