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    Theory: Madara/Juubi will get Kamui'd

    Think about it, Kakashi (after getting the chakra boost from 9 tails) was able to use Kamui to completely teleport Bee in his eight tail form. I think its obvious at this point that Obito will probably get tnj'd, if Kakashi and Obito both combine their Kamui (with Naruto and Bee giving them both bijuu chakra boosts), they could probably teleport Madara along with the Juubi.

    Obito will probably then use rinne tensei to bring back all who died in the war (lets be honest, as much as we may dislike this, Kishi doesnt have the balls to keep half the shinobi alliances population dead).

    After this there will be a Sasuke arc (we will probably see Naruto Vs Sasuke here) but then Madara will somehow find a way to escape the kamui dimension, Naruto and Sasuke will then defeat Madara/Juubi together.

    However, you look at it, no one is going to top Madara/Juubi as a villain in this series but we were promised that Naruto Vs Sasuke fight and this way, we get a compromise. We have at least a year of manga remaining and Kishi cant drag the war for that long.
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