Ok before I ask the question, I'm going to add a little background to it. Before I ever got into Naruto and started reading manga I used to be pretty negative on life on the inside but on the outside very happy go lucky... you could go as far as to say goofy. Recently my friend ( who had previously been into the series ) constantly referred to me as Tobi, I never understood what that meant until he told me to get into the Naruto series so as I went home i researched it since then I've been reading everything that's happened and would like to know if you guys think that this statement is true.

Applying everything into more realistic settings I think that Kishimoto has made Obito right in every way however, I don't think what he's really saying is applying to the Naruto world, I think it's applying more to the world that we live in because I personally agree with almost everything that he's saying and I do not understand why people are disagreeing with what Obito is saying because inside they know he is absolutely true, I'd like to get opinions on what people think about what Obito's saying, if he's truly right or wrong, no stupid arguments about "Oh he's just angry because he got friend zoned" I would genuinely like to get people's feed back on what Obito is actually saying because I find him as a very relate able character as well as Naruto but I would still appreciate feedback?