Clouds are hi above the skies in this night, i find it all hard to belief its been 5 years... 5 years of you being gone it is dreadful. somtimes life can be like a knife taking away all lives that are both dark and light. however why did it have to be him my only blood left in this world of nirvana. only time will tale, i head to the land of the Beilong now. may the Gods Izunami and Asura protect me in this journey
wars are common Place n this world, lukien, belonian, hanan, Cariens, and Sakuros constantly fight for land. welcome to the world of nirvana... or Ish ad nir jaka. in my tongue. i am Drake a race dragon like humaniod hybird. i am the son the of Draco the god of drakes and fire.... however he was not there to save me and my beloved human brother Xia. ow can he call himself a god.

i hear the carvan keep call my name "Tzulor" he yells "get your ass here now!" i retort with a belittled "yes sir" and my make my way to him.

end of prolouge

hello NB its me chris again... yea this year well last year was horrible for me. i lost my beloved grandmother. she died from a brain blood clot on 11-02-2012
god bless her soul
i am working currently on ur brainchild a book titiled nirvana chronicles. what you have just read is not from the book but think of it as a short prcursor to the story i am writing. the drakes is a species in my book which are half dragon half human. however the main protagainst is not a drake but a Daemen/human hybird. (Daemen in latin is demon)

this short story is going to be that is correct short. but worth while to read. i may use music like in my other fanfic (Naruto: rise of the uzumaki dynasty (it will be on reboot shortly) )

take this last part as a months worth of annoucment plans. and such.
also mods... how are you tsuki.

if you would like to help then hit me up at [email protected]