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    Today is the first day of the
    rest of my life.

    Awards Showcase

    This is it :(

    I always looked at people making threads and saying goodbye n i just told myself these people are crazy whats the big deal why are they leaving and i never thought this could happen to me too
    this time i had in NB was the best time of my life i made great memories i had a family here not just some normal friends i was here all the time even the times i didn't post i was still here cause this place makes me happy
    this is it guys 7 days in 7 days i will be leaving NB
    i'm going through something really big so i have to leave all my friends here
    there we were some special people here that were special to me
    Ruairi all those time in the soul society thread was awesome you and Aaron were the first people i saw here i can never forget you guys
    Aaron you are my very first friend here i can never forget the random things you've done you are the best no argue on that
    Taylor i'm sure you wont be here to read this but still i cant miss you we had a great time here you are one of my best friends even though we dont talk much anymore
    Luna there was this day i meet this girl on the beach i really cant forget that day i was trying as hard as i could to convince you that you have a princess inside you ^_^
    Austin you are my best RP body even though Ryun was a bastard but still i always knew you were agood person yourself you're the one who made RP fun for me thanks

    sam or juana i called you nii-chan but you really were like my sister thanks for every thing
    oh and Melly we made alot of jokes about getting married but you are really my friend i can never forget that
    plus all deathnote thread friends thanks for the good game

    last word i will be here for 7 more days after that if you guys saw me in the 8th day that mean something good happened in my life other wise i guess this is good bye
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