First and foremost I should begin with the rules of the tournament.

1. There are no rules.
2. There actually are, rule #1 is a lie.
3. Expect this all to be very un-professional, as it is not a major event.
3. Only one bio is allow'd to be used in your battle.
4. CE's are not permitted, though CJ and KG is allow'd.
5. If you have a problem in battle do not bother me, contact someone else. I'm not a sensei.
6. If you have one your battle, and your opponent has admitted defeat, or defeat has been proven you can then contact me.
7. You all have a 2 day time period on battle post's, if you take any longer you will be kicked from the tourny.


1) Flash07 vs Tsuna

2) Mr. Kitty vs Lysander

3) black uchiha vs Loki

You all will be linked to this thread, once you have figured out your opponent the first name in the vs bracket will make the thread using this template:

Battle Template:

Thread title: ----- vs ----- [Tournament of The Griffin Three]

PHP Code:
Rei's R&R No Restrictions
- CJ Allow'

KG Allow'd
- CE Prohibited 
- Terrain: Plain grass field, nearby lake.
- If participant doesn'
t reply within two whole day's, his opponent win's by default.
Maker of this thread has right to first move.
Must have a valid biography to fight.

B]Bio Link:[/B]
B]Approved custom's thread link:[/B] 

| Good luck to all, have fun! ^^