Whether you wanna admit it or not.... this guy has been the most underestimated. Even though its due to how he was represented in the Manga aka the series .. he was still thought to be weaker then Urahara and etc. Sure with the new discovery of Unohana I believe she is the second underestimated quincy.. But this guy was like the NEXT choice after Yamamoto.. and they didn't even take time to think about it.. its like BAM right after the invasion, hes the commander.

And hell the guy is already making raw ass decisions and telling the 46th central to know their damn role (indirectly). Man, I thought he was freaking in the invasion arc.. but when he got appointed the new commander I changed mind and guessed that he probably didn't even go all out.

I'm pretty sure there are many others who thought Ukitake would be the next in line for commander , just like me. (Well i thought it would be kenpachi, because I didn't know that Yamamoto was gonna die so soon). But damn man..... this guy has like whole mood change when Old man Yama died. I was kind of glad, and shocked cause I like his character a lot.. but I expected someone like Urahara or Ukitake to be the new commander X_X

And even though many of you will post saying " i already knew" and etc.. you inside your heart know that you didn't think of him as the strongest Shinigami after the Old Man.