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    Re: Tsunade's power!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sly Anbu View Post
    Yeah one punch from Tsunade and youre dead! Yeah Raikage is faster than Tsunade, but Tsunade is still freaking strong, and we haven't seen all her abilities. As of right now, Tsunade reminds me of Naruto - not many abilities, but the few they know are very, very effective.
    1st, no matter how many times you hit her, she will regenerate herself, as long as she has chakra. Like, do you know what that means ppl? Similar to Kenpachi from Bleach, she could for example, take a stab from a certain sasuke uchiha, and punch him in the chest full force - sasuke is dead! She removes the sword and heals herself lol.
    Then she can summon Katsuyu to fight on par with anyone gigantic or with a summon. And if that doesn't work, she can pick up YOUR OWN SUMMON, like she picked up Gamabunta's sword.
    And she has numerous medical ninjutsus that we don't even know of, like the one she used on Kabuto. It's Kishi's fault really that we haven't seen Tsunade go all out yet, but I hope we will soon.
    great points sly anbu.

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    Re: Tsunade's power!

    Kishimoto should've showed Tsunade's abilities more! he's sexist!

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