This thread will prove to you, the war for Mugen Tsukuyomi is not over some petty attachment or love for Rin.

How can someone who witnessed the death of his beloved, who obviously... had to be killed to serve a higher purpose....... and trust a man who carries out the same objective day after day, night after night, without hesitation or regrets?

If Obito had started this war over Rin, and the fact that she was killed for the protection of an entire Village, Obito would not have made Kisame his most trusted subordinate, because Kisame was someone who stood for that very ideal and protected it. Kisame carried out the same type of missions Kakashi had to complete by killing Rin that fateful day.

Obito's reason for subduing the world is much greater than that, and beyond the understanding of some people, mainly the one's calling him "emo", "*****made" and the one's saying he did it because of Rin.

I dont even fully understand him yet, Tobi is still very much a mystery to me.

Simplified for some: Obito is well over Rin, this war is not for her, but for a much higher purpose that makes him a most dangerous and very stable man.

When Obito said to Kakashi, "you let her die", he was replying to Kakashi's question on why he hadn't shown himself to him.

Kakashi: " survived. THEN HOW COME UNTIL never said anything....?

Obito: "Because you let her die Kakashi(you broke your promise to me, you don't deserve to know)"

Kakashi: "Aren't you going to blame me?"

Obito: "It's pointless to blame you or this useless reality. I am not interested in a world that is about to disappear."

Seriously....why don't people get that there is a lot more going on here besides vengeance for lost love?

This war is meant to make the world a better place than the shitty world that exists today(in Obito's eyes).

I do not agree with that^ method, but I do understand the reasoning behind it. So can you guys please be mature....