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    Free will is only an idea

    This is just a random topic/debate I felt like making arguing against free will

    When you hear the term free will, one think that means we are able to make our own choices...but when it boils down to it, free will is just an idea.

    We make our choices based on the world around us, and how it affects us.

    We live by codes; sure we can choose to live a certain lifestyle/code, but a lifestyle is not a choice, it's necessity.

    We are sometimes bribed to choose(meaning there is an ultimate reward or punishment for that choice) which influences us to choose.....such as paying bills or facing debt

    Most people choose to pay the bills, why? We don't like doing it, but we have to or we face a negative consequence. Is a choice like that made freely when the decision factor is more or less a bribe?

    It's comparable to finding a hundred dollars on floor....virtually everyone will make the choice to pick it up. So is that really a choice of free will? It's almost certain that everyone would pick it up.

    We can choose to not breathe or not eat, but then we will die. So we are essentially forced to choose certain things if we want to continue living.

    Living is what gives the ability to choose, so if we don't choose correctly, we won't live.

    we are also forced to live by certain universal laws that we can't "will" ourselves living with gravity or dying.

    So what choices do we have that define "free will"?

    well people usually compare free will with choice that have more or less to do with morality

    not killing, not stealing, not sinning in general, self sacrifice, etc

    yet most make these decisions based on the consequences that may occur or from fear of making the choice.

    So does the influence of other factors and driving forces such as one's feeling and impulses define human's to having free will? I personally don't think so.

    a rock doesn't move on its own unless a force is applied to it.....hence the rock is not of it's own free will to move.

    this is the same way with how certain forces are applied that force humans to choose the way they do.

    To be truly free means having absolutely no outside factors applied to do any sort of decision of one's own choosing....hence the only way, and hypothetically, the only one to truly be free and have free will is god.

    Free will is an idea, we know what it is and we can comprehend it but we will never experience. This is the same thing with the idea with infinity....we have the idea, but not the true experience.

    --for the record, this is all hypothetical and not something I actually, personally believe in.
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