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    Re: Sakura was never in the Running.

    Quote Originally Posted by FTG V2 View Post

    ^Naruto and Sakura disagrees
    Notice how he never reciprocated. I see this image used as an argument all the time, with no words, just the image, as if that's all that's needed to make a point. But DUH everyone's going to see it through their own filters so I'll tell you how this fails for me: All I see is him standing there looking surprised with his arms at his sides. I also recall that he flinched the next time she hugged him. Please do more than just post an image.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chatte View Post
    Never? Hmmm... Don't mind me if I argue with that.

    What is that arguing? He's 12 and he has a crush. She's a device to show that Sasuke is not only Naruto's rival in talent but also in romance. It makes the rivalry more interesting. It wouldn't have as much storytelling potential or be as interesting if he wasn't interested in her.

    I'm hoping to contribute to the discussion of whether Kishimoto had a pairing with Naruto worked out from the start? (Is that what the OP meant?) A whole lot of stuff seemed to start rolling at full speed around the time of the Chuunin exams. Sasuke's defection was one thing definitely planned from the very beginning. Maybe when the series is over we'll be lucky and Kishimoto will be willing to spill a bit about his planning that he wasn't able to share before.

    While I was watching the KingofLightning review on chapter 614 where Neji died, he pointed out something really interesting that I hadn't noticed. He said that Neji died never knowing that HE WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG. Everything he said about destiny during the Chuunin exams was correct.

    Neji died never knowing that Naruto was the son of the village's greatest Hokage and also is the Child of Prophecy. By blood Naruto comes from heroes. Neji thought Naruto was able to escape his "loser" destiny through hard work and was inspired by him because of that. But Naruto's destiny to succeed was decided before his birth through a vision had by the Great Toad Sage. It's like the greatest irony, and Neji never lived to find that out.

    Hinata and Naruto. Both losers. Both outcasts with blood of high rank. Both reaching success through hard work.

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