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    Alice's Guardian VI

    An Eventful Day

    Two men in armor ran into the girl's room and plucked Kyle off the ground like he weighed nothing. They definitely weren't wasting time when dragging him out of the room. Kyle thought they were going to pull off both his arms. He was being dragged along a dimly lit corridor. The walls and roof were all made of stone but a long section of the ground had a red carpet on it, like a path. Luckily he was being dragged along that. He was still a bit dazed from the punch so he couldn't properly process his thoughts.

    The men stopped at a huge wooden door with metal plating all around the edges, small metallic bolts holding them in place to reinforce the door's strength. What was on the other side? Kyle was soon to find out because the door was flung open by the two men and he was dragged in then made to stand upright.

    This room compared to the hall way was brightly lit by many candles on top of a large, circular desk in the middle of the room. There was about ten chairs all around this table and each one was filled by a man. Two of these men were stood upright at the head of the table and were looking at a map. The map had little ceramic people on it, each one placed on top of different countries. Once Kyle and the two guards came bursting into the room each and every single person's head turned to see the next problem they faced. Kyle.

    "What is the meaning of this! Can't you see that we are discussing important and confidential things!" The older man at the head of the table shouted at the two guards.

    "We're sorry, sir but we heard the Princess screaming and then we found this boy in her room," the guard on the left jabbed Kyle in the back between his shoulder blades pushing Kyle forward and onto his knees. "He could be a spy for the Guvners."

    The older man at the head of the table was about to charge through the table out of complete rage towards Kyle but the younger man next to him put his hand on his shoulder.

    "Lad, stand up," the younger man called out to Kyle in a soothing manner.

    It was as if his tone of voice gave Kyle the strength to stand up, so he went from his knees to his feet in a few seconds.

    "Now King does that look like the clothing of a Guvner spy as a matter of fact does it like like clothes anyone in our country let alone our world would wear?" The younger man said slightly tilting his head upward to look at the old King next to him.

    The King had his left eye brow raised as high as it could go or even higher whilst he examined Kyle. Kyle had become more focused now and the dizziness from the punch left him. So he had a few questions of his own.

    "Can any of you old geezers tell me where the hell I am?!" Kyle said letting out some of the frustration building up inside of him.

    "Mind your tongue!" One of the guards shouted in his left ear and attempted to smack him across the back of the head.

    Kyle tilted his head slightly and completely avoided the smack without even looking at the man because his deadly and focused eyes were locked on the King and the younger man to his left. All the other men were quite surprised by Kyle's sudden movements including the King. The only man who didn't look surprised was the younger man next to the King in fact he had a small smile of admiration on his face.

    "Now lad you have two choices, either continue to struggle and end up spending a night in the dungeon convicted as a criminal or calm down and spend the night in one of the rooms in this fine castle. Your choice," the younger man said calmly and sincerely smiling at Kyle.

    Kyle's frustration was had already been built up too much he couldn't be stopped now.

    "And why the hell should I listen to you!?" Kyle exploded and broke into a run towards him, jumping on top of the desk and then jumping towards him. The man simply closed his eyes and a large confident grin formed on his face. Kyle was inches away from him when he felt a large amount of brute force being smashed into his stomach. It sent him flying backwards at inhuman speeds and he hit the hard stone wall, cracking the thick stone. He was completely knocked out, the last thing he remembered was the feeling of his skin touching the ice cold ground and the words of the calm young man.

    "Forgive me lad."

    Author's note:

    I am planning on changing the title because the plot keeps changing in my head but it only keeps getting better so disregard the title until I come up with the final one ^.^

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    Re: Alice's Guardian VI

    Thanks Ruairi D
    Killer chapter

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