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    Awards Showcase

    La La Bam Pa Po Sa Shin Na NaNa... Bang Bang (=_=?

    I didn't make a thread in so long, I almost forgot how to make one. Xd

    The Rules: (Blah blah blah)
    One Bio only.
    No Killing/Stealing
    Unofficial - Closed Spar
    Customs Allowed
    One Substitution Technique is allowed.

    Terrain: A forest.
    Setting: Sunny with a light cloudy sky.
    Range: Long-range or optional

    Story: Your village has been keeping a close eye on my movements or per say, my villages movements. They been wary of possible espionage. You mission is assassination. We can then allow our forces to seize control. However, we can't allow the enemy be aware of us. You need to be swifly and quitely about it. Do not let the enemy escap.

    Bio Link : It needs major updates. Mastered Katon and Ninjutsu. A few completed C-rank fuuton and Doton. I would be making fist move. Katanna on back.

    Fumio starts his day off with a light walk into a Suanake Forest, where he normally take a routine walk and stop in the middle everytime he was conered with the four familar massive trunck trees, about 10 metters apart. Enjoying the site around him, with his head held high as he watch above, with such happiness and carefree smile, the clouds passing by an d he took a huge sigh while placing his both his arms to his hip. He wear his black clothing today as the sun was to hot for his other oufit. It was ment for outings in Sunagakure for protection from the Sand. The black outfit he was wearing was another he had under his other outfit for days like this one.... "Such a beautiful day... Nothing can possiblely go wrong..."
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