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    Minato and Obito ultimate duo?

    Assuming that Minato could travel between the 2dimensions, just imagine the different combos they could have:

    - Minato can put a marking on Obito, which means that he could assist him everytime if Obito is close to a enemy and blitz that one puting the marking

    - Obito could stay intangible during the entire fight(5minutes in continue), travelling thru the battlefield, trying to reach opponents, when those opponents could actually do nothing to him, when Minato could simply fly and fly everywhere Obito could be instantly blitzing those opponents or puting them markings

    - Minato can leave some kunais in the other dimension so that he could travel freely between both dimensions(the other marking being on Obito), which could help to dodge every attacks no matter how powerful(since no attack can enter the kamui dimension) or redirect them there, which would make the duo(Minato and Obito) untouchable no matter what

    - Minato's FTG being faster, he could easily teleport people in an instant in the kamui dimension even more easily than Obito's kamui since the marking is already there and like i've proved in this thread, he doesn't even need to touch the opponent to do so

    Who could beat that ultimate combo?

    S/T jutsus are simply badass, don't you think? Adding Kakashi and probably Tobirama(eventhough we don't know much concerning his S/T technique) could make the S/T group even more complete. I must think about it :p
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