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    -The Librarian-

    This world is so Ignorance, read books and gain some knowledge.
    Basic Information

    Name: James Lawrence Hoffman
    Nickname: The Librarian
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Clan: Uchiha

    Looks: James is the epitome of slacker in appearance from his shaggy unkempt light brown hair to his rumpled clothes and coat. Despite his unprofessional appearance, everyone knows he is the best damn librarian they've ever seen and it would be a tremendous loss to lose him.
    His blue-grey eyes are the most unusual part of his appearance seeming to glimmer whenhes pleased and blood-red as he becomes frustrated.[img]http://t2.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQzmjFq4t7G9daDw-4zQ3Xc1zxVCOZ0THCSVkytjKkuG_F1-BTBiQyDN-A[/img]

    Personality: Despite his disheveled appearance, James is rather obsessive-compulsive when it comes to his library. Luckily for him, he can simply send a book back to its right place. The ease of which he now has coupled with the time he knows he has to do what he wants has led him to lead a calm life, almost completely uninteresting to others which keeps him under the radar of other Uchihas who would want to slay him and absorb his power. He lacks the arrogance that comes with the power he has been given, retaining far more of his human qualities than others. At his job he is always glad to lend a hand and more than helpful to students and others who walk through his doors. Though not as well known, he does tutor if someone asks.

    Village Info

    Village of Birth: Konohagakure
    Village of Alliance: Konohagakure

    Rank // Chakra Info

    Speciality: /
    : B -Rank
    : C -Rank
    Ninjutsu: Basic E-rank

    [K G] Sharingan: Needs training
    Weapon[s]: Double-bladed Scythe[img]http://t3.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRA1mh5h4j5Smu-7MRC5NdHDSETXSmLHzZXm-c9sQrOxKBIV-vGuWmNHw[/img]

    Background Info

    History: During his harsh Training and Exams in Konoha he had to be taken by a cruel twist of fate, James was thrust into a game of life and death and pitted against a number of combatants. Prevailing through a combination of guile and nature's fickleness, his prize for surviving the contest was to have his dearest wish granted: to have the time and ability to read the entirety of the written word - a wish that he had known would be in vain before this. He currently lives on Konoha on the plane of Terrain, once again a simple librarian.


    [img]http://t0.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS4X59B5sf1tpi50GXd-j_8dDQ1tQCNI9RzoY8BAEsUKo7zIzfPrlWhNaM[/img] [img]http://t0.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTAXJ1WziajFbOYD4qyn4nP1jJ21q0D6 N1CNNN3yciKdv8lEikAyNYIzA[/img]

    Theme Song and Background Music: JAMES HOFFMAN OST


    Lost: /
    Won: /

    ¤¤Dropping my Paintry Uzumaki bio given at my sig if this bio is approved¤¤

    ~Approved~ edited a lot of stuff
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