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    Ryoku Himura, 略緋村 2.0 [Update]

    Basic Information

    Name: Ryoku Himura

    Nickname: Devil Child | Nagato | Naga

    Gender: 130% Male

    Age: 23

    Clan: Nekura

    Ryoku Himura is a dark red headed man with a 2 large scars on his face. He is about 6'4 and has a very lean muscular body build. When going to battle he sometimes wears a more versatile kimono made for fighting that has the sleeves cut off, with black & red striped Mongolian armor compacted tightly underneath. He has bandages on his left and right wrists with kanji seals upon them for summoning various weapons to his aid.

    Ryoku is a cold hearted man, only caring about the well being of himself. Despite his selfish ways, he is a very wise man who knows when to stand up against wrong doings. He always gives his enemies a chance to run away before blood is spilled and innocent lives are taken.

    Village Info.

    Village of Birth:

    Village of Alliance:
    Amegakure Akatsuki

    Rank//Chakra Info.

    Ninja Rank:
    Water Release | Sound Release | Taijutsu | Kenjutsu | Genjutsu | Jeet Kune Do | Kinjutsu | Fuuinjutsu

    : Fire |Mastered|
    : Earth |Mastered|
    : Water |Mastered|
    : Wind |Mastered|
    : Lightning |Mastered|
    Sound Release | Training
    : Ruby Release |Mastered

    Your ninjutsu:

    Narutobase Taijutsu
    Intercepting Fist
    Nekura Clan Abilities - Need training
    Ruby Release
    Sound Release - Training In progress
    Attributes & Abilities

    Ryoku is a feared for his high level of intellegence in the heat of battles. Being able to come up with complex strategies for victory in slim chances that may seem otherwise. It wasnt that he was a prodigy, but through his hard level of work and knowledge of ninjutsu he was able to learn from his peers to be better and strategic.

    Water Release
    At an early age, Ryoku was gifted in water release ninjutsu and was able to master his techniques tot he level where he only had to perform one handseal for even the most complex of techniques.

    He has been also trained to master the art of Demonic Illusions also known as genjutsu. He became adept at using genjutsu with limited handseals at an early age as well as being quick to recognize enemy illusions (based on regular ways of figuring out it's an illusion or manipulation of his senses). Upon becoming aprt of the Nekura clan, he also became immune to all genjutsu, because the keigoku did not allow it to enter his body.

    Hand to Hand Combat
    Along his journeys, he has picked up many different forms of fighting as well as unique styles including something he learned from Yard called the Intercepting Fist. It allowed him to read the movements of his enemies up to three times his normal speed, and move as if he were like water, and Uchiha Kaitos taijutsu which gave his style of fighting more meaning allowing him to infuse elemental chakra with his fighting. He has mastered these styles allowing him to focus only on the chin of his opponents or other limbs and still be able to combat as if he were making eye contact. He can switch between styles and free form at will. Through so many hardships and the time it took him to master taijutsu he has gained a good boost to his physical strength, being able to flick his index finger and send an opponent flying backwards, and kick through trees like butter.

    Chakra Control
    After mastering the basic five elements Ryoku began to develop a sense of chakra control, but it did not really become to a far extent until he pushed it to a further level. He mastered the Sealing arts, the Forbidden arts, and had begun to learn how to control the dark chakra of the Juubi, known as Keigoku. He was very good at switching between chakra natures with ease and using these techniques at his disposal.

    Sealing Arts
    Through mastering the sealing arts, under his sensei Toku he has always stayed prepared with scrolls on his back, or inside of his kimono for easy access. He also has various sealing tattoose on his body and around his wrists for "Lightning Flash Blade Creation." He has also sealed upon his chest as a desperate attempt to suicide whoever was to take him out, the Reverse Four Symbols sealing technique.

    ( Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu ) - Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
    Rank: S
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short – Mid
    Chakra cost: 40
    Damage points: 80
    Description: This is a sealing jutsu that is placed upon the users body, setting it to activate on the users death. It seals everything within a large, nearby, spherical into the users body.
    Note: Can only be activated upon the users death.
    Note: The placement of this seal must be stated on the user's biography.

    Being the cold hearted man he once was, Ryoku had undertaken lessons from a man named Goro Kaguya where he learned to master the Forbidden Arts. Later on in life, he no longer sought to use those forms of ninjtsu as he thought it was defying the laws of nature and he was a changed man. Though that dark side still lingers inside of him today..

    Ruby Release
    In his brighter days, he along with his sensei Toku, founded the element Ruby Release where they figured that the control of fire and earth elements would come together and create something almost as hard as diamond. In their research they came up with many things such as creating lazer beams and crystallizing things like the ninja Guren which was their inspiration for the element.

    Sound Release
    Nearing the final quests of his shinobi life. He ran into a man by the name of Ibby who decided to start off his sound release training.

    Ryoku, learned to use the way of the sword to finish off his enemies. Early in life, he had no skill in the sword and killed with no purpose or meaning. Though this all stopped when he came across a man known as Zenryoku. Over several years they spoke and expressed philosophical meanings to the way of life and how it was connected with the Bushido way. He made Ryoku do various chores which unbeknownst to him made him a better swordsman. With his knowledge of taijutsu, the sword became second nature to him, reading slightest movements and making sure to attack without being predictable, along with making useless actions.

    Background Info.

    Early Childhood:
    "Oh, papa promised me ramen tonight, yeah! See you later Oraan!" I left the Konohagakure school in the delight that I would come home to taste the marvelous flavors of my fathers ramen, but why is it becoming so dark all of a sudden? Maybe i stayed in school longer than I should have. I make my way into the other section of the village but yet there aren't many people in the streets. "I'm scared.." Is all I thought as I began to run towards my home and I could hear screams echoing as it turned to nightfall. Something was amiss. By the time I got home i felt a sign of relief as I could smell the aroma of my fathers ramen in the air. "Papa, Im home. Mama Im home. Hey, where are you gu-..." My legs began to quiver in fear for I was to young to witness what my eyes had seen before me. There were several dead shinobi laying across the floor, but I could not get a good glimpse of them as I was abruptly snatched and brought under neath the floorboard. "Shhh...Ryoku." Is all I could hear as I looked upwards to see it was my mother Otaru, but the look upon her face was nothing I've ever seen before, and something I'd never forget. The look of fear. "Everythings gonna be alright, I love you my son. Stay here." I was still curious as to where my father was, until I could feel and hear something above us. My young ears became tainted to the sounds of the tearing and ripping of human flesh, the sound of blood being spilled upon the ground. What I saw before me, was my father slashing down a few ninja before they ganged up on him and took his life.

    What was it that I have just witnessed? Did I just witness my father's life end? Before I knew it I was alone. Cold, and trembling. Where had my mother gone to? "Why are you doing this?" I could tell it was my mothers voice, but when did she leave me? Was I in that much of a state of shock I did not notice her arms leave from around my shoulders? "Blame your Hokage, he should have never gotten involved in Kirigakure affairs. Die you whore!" Now this was the second time I had ever seen someone die, and it was my mother. "What am I gonna do? I can't die here. I just can't!" My heart was racing as I jumped from out of the floorboard and grabbed my fathers sword. Luckily the ninja had his back turned and I was running for dear life with my eyes closed until felt something unusual. "Damn, it's a f*cking kid! It must have been Ryus son. Kill hi--.." Did I really just stab this man in the back!? I did not mean to, but all I could do was run for my life, as several swords were ravaging across my little head in attempts to kill me. I hid underneath a table and I could see his feet coming closer to me. My heart was pounding. My hands were shaking. "Now I've got you, you little brat." As he said those words, something came over me. I had no longer felt terrified of this malevolent force of nature that was in my home. So I grabbed a nearby sword and awaited him. "Die you little sh-t!" I jumped and thrusted the sword right into his throat as he flipped the table over. What have I just done? Im only 5 years old. If there is a God. Save me from living in this hell.

    It took a whole day of hiding in the blood filled place I called home to receive help from the nearby clans. When they rescued me. My mind was set on one thing and that which has been carved into my soul. It was killing.

    What am I becoming?

    Has it really been 8 years since that dreadful day? Well in any case, this is the day I set out on my first ANBU mission for Konohagakure. Apparently we were given a mission to scope out some terrain in Iwagakure and gather intel indefinitely. "Well don't you just look down in the dumps!" Was this the voice of a woman? That's all I could think to myself as our team was making its way through the dim forest of Kusagakure. "I didn't know we had a woman on our team. This isn't some grand get together so theres no reason you should be so cheerful. You're gonna get yourself killed acting that way." I stated. She then replied, "Well I was only trying to cheer you up, there's no need to be so tense were nowhere near the battlefield Nagato." She even knew my code name? Why is it that she knows me so well but I know nothing of her. I can't seem to shake it. Oh well, it was nothing to worry about. Im not here to make friends. "Just stay focused. We are shinobi!" I exclaimed. "I'm beginning to like you already Nagato. Stay strong." She replied.

    We finally managed to arrive in the hostile lands of Iwagakure and start our mission to gather intel. Looks like it's been a full year and our food supplies was low, and it was time to start rationing my supply. What can it be that Konoha needed a team of 12 ANBU shinobi to do a simple intel mission out here for so long. Something about this is fishy. "Look out, it's an ambush!" I gathered myself to peek out of the small core of earth we had created to blend in with the rocky terrain. There was an estimated 30 ninja surrounding us from various location, both on ground level and on several overlooking plateaus. "How could they have known so early! It hasnt even been a day since we entered this region! What the f*ck!" That's all I could say as we were being assaulted with several earth style techniques that made it look almost impossible to escape. Two shinobi had gotten up and started defending using their lightning affinity granting us cover to escape out the back of the trench momentarily. There was no way we could handle that many shinobi, and how did they know we were there to begin with. My thoughts were interrupted as several kunai marked with explosive tags landed at our feet.

    "Move back, give me room! Hes still breathing!" Who's voice is this? It seems very familiar. My eyes opened as I saw that woman healing my injuries I had sustained from what seemed like seconds ago. It seems to be nightfall. How in the hell did we get away? I looked around only to find that there were only 5 of us left. The woman, and three other shinobi. All of them looked worn out but one. He was sitting there all alone glaring at me with the most cynical look on his face. Or was I so heavily wounded my mind is just playing tricks on me. I ended up passing out. When I got up I was covered in bandages and the rest of the guys were sleeping. Wait a second, were was that other guy that was sitting over there? Not two second after the thought came running past my mind I could feel something sharp coming across my neck. "We almost had you....Ryoku. I bet you're wondering what is going on right now don't you?" I was completely shocked and I felt like a helpless child once again. Why was my own teammate targeting me and what the hell did he mean by those words. "What the hell do you want, you piece of trash traitor!" As I said this it almost appeared to be that I humored him a bit. "Traitor!?? No my boy, you truly are naive. This was all coordinated by Konoha. For some reason they orchestrated this whole mission just go get rid of you." What the f*ck was this guy telling me? Was all of this some lie? Why would Konoha go through all of this trouble just to kill me. I've done nothing wrong. Before I knew it my sense of awareness left my body and I began to feel as I did 8 years ago. Like I could just kill with no mercy. Was this apart of me? Am I starting to grow into this killing machine. I can feel something dark manifesting in me. I grabbed the kunai and his wrist with my left hand and used my right to fit it underneath his underarm. I lifted him over my head and slammed him into the ground in front of me where I got on top of him and drove the kunai into his throat. A small smirk came across his face as the blood was gushing from his mouth as I could only hear his muffled words. "...die...mutherf*cker..!!" I looked down to see several explosive tags rigged to his chest and I could do nothing but think to grab the two closest comrades and jump out of harms way.

    My injuries opened back up and now I think we may have alerted any nearby forces. The look on my teams face was utter confusion, but I couldn't even murmur a single word. "Damn....damn.." Is all I could think as I blacked out again.


    As I awaken for the second time, I cannot speak. I cannot move my legs and feet. Where am I? It's a pretty dark room and it seems not only am I in a straight jacket, but it seems to have been sealed with some sort of Fuuinjutsu. Were they planning on torturing me to death. "Look who's wide awake." I could hear his voice but I could not make out what he looked like from the shadows. Then, from there I saw two crimson red eyes from a distance and I automatically knew this was an Uchiha. "I'm gonna rip your mind apart Ryoku. Noone has ever survived this without turning into a vegetable. By the way. My name is Scarface." The moment he said his name, it felt like I was being dropped down a bottomless pit and being stabbed all at the same time. Why on Earth was I being punished this way, and what happened to my team? Its been hours of continuous torture and I have lost all hope of survival.

    "Don't tell me youre done already. I still need more information out of you. Sit tight." My mind was no longer able to process information. Have I really entered a vegetative state of consciousness? No. I've come too far too just give up on myself. I channel chakra throughout my whole body and break through the sealing technique that bound me and I loose my footing as i collapse to the ground. "Dammit, my wounds still are open." From that point on, I could no longer think of meaningless things like death and pain. My only goal was to kill that bastard and rescue my team. I punched through the door made of rock and it seemed to be that I was inside some underground cavern with multiple passageways. I started running as fast as I could until I could see some light up ahead. It was several Iwagakure ninja keeping gaurd of a large cell room and they all saw me enter. They must die, I thought. Two ninja ran in with kunai in their hands ready to slash me and I intercepted both with my bare hands and crushed their fists in. Before I finished them both off with a single round house kick that sent them flying through the side of the wall. I never felt so good to kill in my life. I could feel no pain. I had no fear of death. My only goal was to slaughter anyone who stood in my way. I picked up a katana and then sliced through the rest of the guards with easy until I heard a voice call my name. "Is that you...Nagato..?" I looked over and could see that woman chained up to a wall along with our other teammate i saved in the explosion. As I went to open the gate, I was suddenly kicked in the face sending me flying into a wall. "Sneaky little boy. I will crush you like the insect you are." It was Scarface, and I just had about enough of him. I began to laugh hysterically as I began to soak in everything thats happened to me in the past few days. A sense of thrill came over me as I thought of watching Scarface's blood leak unto the ground. In a blink of an eye I was below him slashing him across the chest with my Katana and he fell backwards in shock. "Theres no way you could move like this after what I did to you. Just what the hell are you!?" I looked him dead in the eye and answered.

    "The f*cking devil" I then thrust my blade into his skull and escaped with my teammates. That was the most fun I've had in my life. Am I beginning to enjoy this? Theres no telling what Im going to do once I get my hands on those who set me up.

    The Path of a Warrior

    "Something about you is different Ryoku, I can't put my finger on it but I do sense it. Do you realize how long you guys were gone for?" Even the words of my closest friends couldn't even get through to me at this point. Apparently we were out there in Iwagakure for 3 years. How could I have lost track of so much time? Maybe it was what that bastard did to my mind. I could care less anyways. I had more important matters at hand. "Hey, Mathias do me a favor and keep an eye out for anything strange in the village. I expect someone is gonna finish the job sooner or later." He looked disturbed and said, "Don't you think you're overreacting a bit? Why would the village want you dead...bro you're like a hero at this point!!" Maybe he was right, maybe that guy really did a number on me and I'm just making things up. "Hero you say? Meh, I don't feel like one. If anything I feel like Im some demon waiting to go rapid." After we talked I got some sleep and I had to get myself ready for the ceremony the next morning. It seems as though they want to recognize my work as a former ANBU and cheer me on. Why don't I feel happy about this?

    After the ceremony, I met up with a familiar face. She was the woman I had been on the team with for all those years. It's a shame to say that after all this time I finally got to know her name under these circumstances. Her name is Kimiko. We spent the next 2 years getting to know each other, and even got married. All thoughts of revenge and killing had left my mind, but I knew one day my horrible past would catch up to me. My main focus is venturing out to discover new things I have yet to accomplish and learn. I can sense there will be a time where I'll need to defend myself from the wicked force that is lingering around my life. What shall I do?....I need power.

    The Beginning of the End

    There has been talk over a few of my sources and they tell me that the former leader of the ANBU was the one who ordered the hit on my life. Its been so long now, but it was well worth it. I think it's time to find out the truth of what really happened that day.

    I made my way into the forest of death following a lead that I was given by a few friends in the tavern and supposedly he goes by the code name of Nexus nowadays. As I reached the area, it seems I was spotted and a few shuriken came flying me way. I easily clapped my hands together releasing a blast of water blowing them away and I landed taking a few soldiers out with ease. "Where the hell is that man." I realized that this was some sort of secret hideout and I made my way to the inner chambers where I came face to face with him at last.

    "So you've finally come to me." He said. It was hard to get a good look at his face as he was exhaling large clouds of smoke from his mouth. He looked to be a heavy smoker. "I'm not here to play games with you. Tell me. Are you the one who ordered them to kill me and my team?" The man put the cigarette down and stood up reveling his face. It appeared the man was wielding some odd Doujutsu I had never seen before. It gave me the chills.

    "For some time now, we've been watching you. Your father was quite the ninja in the old days and he also made a lot of enemies within the village. For that, he and the rest of you had to die." This man spoke the truth, but why was he allowed to live so long is what he thought. "Why, allow me to live? You could've killed me anytime you pleased if I was that much of a threat to you!" Nexus turned around and then took another puff of his cigarette before saying a few words. "I wanted to test your power boy. Theres something in you I wanted to see and I have found it. You truly are a demon child!! Now this is my ultimate test, lets see if you survive this!!"

    Ryoku has just about heard enough of what he had to say and he let out a loud yell unlocking his ability to use sound release and began to charge at Nexus in a blood rage, firing waves of sound at him. The waves of sound seems to do nothing but repel back as if there was something nullifying his energy. Nexus then spoke four words. "Perish into the abyss" Nexus activated his Doujutsu which had the ability to control all energy, he focused it on Ryoku and put him in a world of pain as he was enveloped in a black ball of energy and it exploded. "Now lets see if he returns.." Nexus stated. A hooded figured appeared behind Nexus and revealed himself. "He shall be a fine candidate for the Keigoku. I will return when he is ready my Lord."

    "Good. I trust in you Lord of Kaos. Lets see if we can turn that monster of a shinobi into a Nekura." Stated Nexus

    Before I knew it I was enveloped by this dark chakra. Something sinister was entering my body and I couldnt shake it off. What was this feeling? I feel like I'm loosing my mind. Maybe if I can control it a bit I can exit this void. Before I knew it I had absorbed the Keigoku energy and I was standing before a large sign that read. " Minas Morgul, the Demon country."

    To be continued.. ^_^

    Original NB history-->

    Ryoku was born into a small peasant family in a small village within Kirigakure. His mother Otaru fell in love with a well known swordsman by the name of Ryu Himura. They married and grew crops that they sold within the market of Kiri. The wonderful household that he once knew would be torn away from him in one night which would seem like a never ending nightmare that would change him for the rest of his life.

    Growing up in the aftermath of the 1st Great NB War, Ryoku was about 6 years old growing up in Kirigakure when he lost his parents due to the never ending cycle of cause and effects of what war brings to happy individuals. Kumogakure began an all out assault on the small village causing havoc and mayhem on their way to assassinate the Mizukage. Otaru took Ryoku and hid underneath a floorboard while his father waited for the attackers to eventually either burst through the door, or pass their home. In the most unfortunate events, several Kirigakure shinobi broke through the door in an attempt to kill them but were taken out with no less than 4 strokes of his blade by Ryu, but was overwhelmed by more then 12 shinobi and killed as he turned his back to return to his family. In a built up of rage Otaru took out more than half of the men outside of the house before she was undoubtedly killed. What was left of the Kirigakure ninja left the village and were never heard from again, but left Ryoku in a state of shock and dismay as he watched both of his parents die to protect him.

    Several years later he was shunned by the local villagers as a devil child due to his wild and violent nature growing up as an orphan. While vandalizing a local market of their crops the now 12 year old Ryoku decided to steal from an outsider by the name of Scarface traveling through Kirigakure making observations of the Kaguya clan. He took the poor orphan in and decided to take him along with him in his quest for learning more ninjutsu. While on his journey with Scarface Ryoku took along his fathers dual kitana known as Rikudo and other ninja tools. Scarface asked him, What is it that you want to accomplish on your quest, boy?" Ryoku was unsure of how to respond but he answered anyways, "Id like to learn the elements and fight for whats right int his world." From that day on Ryoku lived everyday for himself, looking to stand up for righteousness. Scarface trained him in the general understanding of what elemental ninjutsu was as well as taught him a few lightning techniques that he could use to defend himself in the time being.

    In about a years travel, they arrived in Iwagakure where there were many other fierce legends that made their names known across the ninja world for that they have done for their village such as Bishamon, Elias, Nero, and Toku. Behind the earthen walls of Iwagakure, he began his quest to become stronger and fight for his village, making his name known amongst the world of NB. On one sunny day in the village he came across a group of shinobi practicing in a field, their names were Loki., Faith, Leaf and Kasha. They were all practically of the same rank and felt as though they could do nothing to stop an invader from infiltrating the village to kill them. Through vigorous training of trail and error, the underdog shinobi became more skilled in the shinobi arts as well as confident in defending against attackers, if anything they were over confident in their abilities. In the absence of their Kage Bishamon, it was time for Kaze to step up to the plate and prepare the villagers in an event of another war but just like the previous Kage, he as well stepped down from the glorious title of Tsuchikage and a vote was cast that
    Toku have the honor of leading the village Hidden in the Stones. Under his command, as well as Scarface becoming the Daimyo news of war was upon the village and everyone became frantic as to what they could do to help defend, but all was lost as Scarface had to get the villagers back into shape. Scarface asked "What will you do against Eight Inner Gates users? They will open the 5th Gate and snap your little necks." Through those very few words, everyone understood that they would probably be of no use during the war.

    On the brink of the Second NB War, Iwagakure held no chance against the main villages with the exception of Sunagakure being the weakest. Iwagakure found themselves allied with Kirigakure & Konohagakure, which didnt last long as the Bloody Queen of the Mist betrayed Iwagakure, she went by the name of Liliana. The chaos of the betrayal left everyone in total hysteria as Crutch Kaguya was the only one to stand up and preach that we needed to fight against this force. Crutch exclaimed "Are you going to let their death be in vain!? How can you stand here and act like nothing happened after they tried to kill us.The point is to grow some nuts. No wonder Kaze and Bisha left." but that did not last long as Scarface banished him from the village. As the war came to a close, it ended in an old fashioned mexican stand off that resulted in Faust betraying the village to join Akatsuki and plant spores within every member in the village that drained chakra as The Pervy Sage destroyed the abandoned village. Due to feeling so helpless in a desperate time of need to protect the village Ryoku left the village to wonder in a state of solitude to gain power from outside of the village walls, so he traveled for some time in the ruins of Amegakure, honing the rest of his skills in swordsmanship and shinobi skills. Unbeknownst to him, he was followed by the kage himself, Toku. He trained Ryoku for several years as his loyal pupil in the basics of what it was to be a lone wolf shinobi. They both trained in vigorous conditions where they both mastered earth element to the point where they were able to manipulate the second hardest stone on the planet, they gained Ruby release.


    Standard Ninja Equipment:


    Ryoku is skilled in using a standard Japanese war fan for wind techniques that has a steal handle attached that is featherweight.




    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: Many
    Less than 5

    Removed Curse Mark to fit the Nekura rules.

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