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    Did anyone ever wonder about Samehada?

    I accidentally posted this in the wrong section the first time....sorry if this feels inconvenient. I meant to post it originally in the Naruto Discussion

    Did anyone ever wonder how Samehada was created?

    It's a living sword that feels pain, has a mind of its own, and that has the ability to suck up chakra. I doubt it's an actual species, because then why would it be a sword? and it would mean that there are more out there which is not the case.

    and for it to have been created means that it was created from yin-yang release....the difference between the samehada and the zetsu, is that the zetsu are made from hashi cells/wood tech

    ....while the samehada, from what we know, is not made any known element/nature type like iron, earth, bone, etc.

    sounds a lot like the creation of all things then to create an actual original living being.....and we know of only one person to be able to use that tech(SO6P)

    I don't think he actually made the samehada, I'm just saying that there is no other tech that would be able to create samehada that we know of.
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