Obito : So what is your answer naruto?

Naruto : I will protect my friends....

Obito : ( in mind) that girl really changed the energy of naruto....I need to kill her first.

Scene changes to kakkashi and Shikamaru

Shikamaru : My father have said something to you before he died ? isn't it?

Kakashi : Ya....( in mind) he is sharp.

Shikamaru : what is it then kakashi sensei ?

Kakashi : It is about the power of our clan .Hatake clan. You know that nara , akimichi and yamanka have blood line limit jutsu which can be used to block the enemies. But this time to control or defeat juubi we need more than blocking.But my clan, hatake clan have some secret jutsu which can kill or defeat large number of enemy in an instant by heavy attack.

Shikamaru : ( in mind) Secret technique of hatake clan...I never know hatake clan have something in their arsenal

Shikamaru : kakashi senesi ..Is it some kind of teleportation said defeating large no enemy's in an instant.

Kakashi : ( smiling ) this technique is originally used by my father and Only hatake members can use it......and It can do many things...

By saying that kakashi do some hand seals

Kakashi : Shikamaru kun I need some time....

Shikamaru :I under stand. Ino connect me to ( Ino connect shikamaru's mind to naruto and talking to him..) Naruto..Kakashi sensei is going to use some secret ninjutsu.He need some time.My mind is connected to every one in this battle field. Thanks to Ino.We will move accord to my plan. You should use kyuubi's power .When I say attack will do as I say. Okay?

Naruto : Shikamaru I am sorry about your father..

Shikamaru : Nah,, this is not the time...

Madara :I think they still have some one in the battle field who is very smart.But nothing will work against juubi's final form

Obito : Juubi's final form? I thought... I thought transformation is completed .You are hiding some thing from me...tell me what is it...

the next instant Naruto throws a wind shuriken against them by jumping to the air. But juubi's tail nullified it... and a lot of other ninjas throws weapon against them..

Madara :These pity full attack...I think they are buying time for something.I need to use biju dama against them.

Obito :It will not work there are earth element users.They will use the earth under our feet.
What is the next trans formation of juubi?

Madara : You will know when the time comes.....

Chouji's father use some hand seals and a large barrier is placed on juubi madara and obito

Madara :A barrier? Then it must be from akimichi clan...

Obito : Do you have counter techniques against this?

Madara activates his rinnegan and try to absorb the barrier jutsu.

Shikamrau : Ino this is the time.Use your jutsu to talk with your clansmen and give the order to control their mind.Then we will attack with kakashi sensei's secret jutsu.

Suddenly a white chakra envelops kakashi.Gai sakura Ino shikamaru every one looks at kakashi with a wonder....and kakashi's hair starts to grow, his mask is teared by growth of face and his teeth now similar to that of wolf.

Gai :kakashi...Is this some kind of formation

Kakashi :Yaa....It's what made my father a genius.....The technique created by Sakumo hatake.

- END-