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nope you are wrong if kishi want's to kill gaara it may happen a long time, he was alive for one purpose to make sure that hatred can won by love if he dies in the hands of sasuke then naruto will never forgive sasuke and hatred will born again so i think naruto is the key to stop this fighting or may be madara will come and sane sasuke butt
Were you going to finish any of your sentences? Also, do you often read? Have you heard of something called foreshadowing?
Apart from us not seeing the scope of Gaara's abilities without the Shukaku, he was already ressurected once.

1st off, Kishi is an author. Not a god.
2nd, Gaara was ressurected by Chiyo, and hasn't been seen nearly since that arc. Who would kill him off again so soon?
3rd, Sasuke is running low on Chakra I am sure. Karin is locating Danzo, Juugo has a hole in his chest, and Suigetsu can't move.
4th, So far, I do not see Yatas mirror or Totsuka sword on Sasuke's Susanoo.
5th, Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato are somewhere nearby. They haven't joined the fight yet
6th, Madara is most likely to save Sasuke.