K wow there r spoilers for one peice so i dont know if its coming this WEEK or not
Sourcene Piece 557 Raw | One Piece 557 Spoiler
Credit: MiniLuffy

Let's talk about how Luffy's gang landed.

(They were struck by a sudden incoming wave, and the wave froze while they were on it. At this time they heard the news that Ace was about to be executed, so they wanted to get down from the Ice quickly. After a short argument the ice shattered and they fell)

After they fell into the sea, the DF users were rescued by Jinbei.

Luffy : Ace!! I'm coming to save you!

Ace : Luffy !!

Crocodile attacked WB with his hook while saying "It's been a long time since we met - Whitebeard"
His attack was stopped by a drenched Luffy

Crocodile : Why did you stop me? Is our agreement no longer in effect?

Luffy : This guy must be Whitebeard, someone that Ace likes a lot, so I will not allow you to attack him.

The attention is turned towards Luffy at this point, everyone made a comment (Enemies, Admirals, Shichibukai and Smoker all said something about Luffy)

Whitebeard : So you came to save your brother ~~ That strawhat belongs to Shanks ~~ (He thought about Shanks, how he lost his left arm, stuff like that)

Luffy : I know you wanna become the Pirate King but I'm the one who will be Pirate King!!

Whitebeard : A brat who likes to boast

Whitebeard : don't get in my way idiot!!

Luffy : I will save Ace with my own way!!

A scene with Ivankov and Buggy looking shock (He's arguing with Whitebeard...)

Kizaru : Can I give all of them the death penalty?

Sengoku : of course.



There's also an appearence by Hancock : Luffy! Your safety is better than everything else. It seems like a very touching scene.

Akainu : is that the grandson of the Hero Garp or Son of Dragon...
I must kill them all here... wait

Smoker : Why are those guys together with Crocodile?

The shadow guy who was once defeated : Straw~~~~ Hat~~~~!!

ource: 2ch
Credits: Nja
Verification: confirmed
557話 ルフィと白髭
扉絵 ブルック

ルフィー達が落ちてくる。それを見て、センゴクがガープに「またお前の一族か」黄猿「こんなに早く会えると わねー」青雉「えれーモン引き連れてきたなー」ミホーク「話題に事欠かない男だな」
ドフラミンゴ「あれが大問題ルーキー麦藁か」ルフィー達は、乗っていた海軍船のでんでん虫で海軍の次の作戦 を聞いていた様子。それで一気に飛び込んできた。
クロコダイルいきなり白髭に攻撃します。「久しぶりだな白髭」それをルフィーが阻止。ルフィー「お前海賊王 になりたいんだろ、でも海賊王には俺がなる」
白髭「その麦藁はもしかして」みたいな事言っている。黄猿「全員死刑でかまわないですよねー」センゴク「無 論だ」終

Detailed Summary

Source: 2ch
Credits: Nja
Verification: confirmed
タイトルは ルフィと白ひげ
(突然の高波にさらわれ波乗りしてる状態に波が氷になる そこに海軍の通信が
 入りエースの処刑が速まると知り急いで氷から脱出するんだ~ と暴れていたら
ルフィ エース!!助けに来たぞ!  エース  ルフィー!!

クロコダイルが先手必勝と白ひげに 久しぶりだな~白ひげ と鉤爪で斬りかかろうするが
クロコ なぜ止める?お前との協定も脱出した時点でもう無効だろ?
ルフィ そいつが白ひげなんだなそいつはエースが気に入ってる 手はださせねえ
一斉に注目を集めたルフィ みんな一言づつ会話(敵のね大将とか七武海とか海軍スモーカーとか全部ルフィの 事)

白ひげ 兄貴を助けに来たのか~その麦藁は赤髪の~(シャンクスの事を思い出し その左腕だれにやったん~ とか)
ルフィ お前が海賊王になりたいのは知ってるだけど俺が海賊王になる!!
白ひげ クソナマイキナ
白ひげ 足を引っ張るんじゃねえぞハナッタレ!!
ルフィ 俺は俺がエースを助けたいように助ける!!
イワンコフとバギーがハナッタレて驚いてる絵(白ひげと 張り合ってる・・・)
キザル あいつら全員死刑でいいですよね?
センゴク 無論だ