Greetings, General Teno

I will be administrating your test and the rules are as followed:

  • Rules and Regulations according to Rei.
  • All basic elements and techniques up to your current rank are to be used.
  • Custom Jutsus and Elements are not allowed
  • Terrain: open clearing near a forest.
  • You may use The six paths of pains' abilities up to your current rank
  • We start mid range from each other
  • If you have any questions please ask them via vm.

I will be using a pair of Kage ranked Uzumaki Naruto (with SM and Bijuu modes) and Hatake Kakashi (with MS) biographies for this test against you, please post a link of the bio that your testing for and i will begin.

No one other than myself and the participant may post here. If required, administrators/moderators and official senseis can input their opinion as well.