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    "In this world wherever
    there is light - there are
    also shadows. As long as the
    concept of winners exist,
    there must be losers. The
    selfish desire of wanting to
    maintain peace causes wars,
    and hatred is born to protect
    love" - Madara Uchiha

    Check us out!

    My friends and I are in a clan and we started up a youtube channel. If you would like may you suscribe to us and see our videos. We are still practicing editing and such trying to get better but we need people to critic us so this is where fellow suscribers come in to help.
    The link to watch our videos and suscribe to us is up above check us out and if you want suscribe do it. Thanks for reading just trying to get notice. It will be a long journey on youtube but I believe we will make it.
    We have an roxio gaming card. Were just trying to start to learn bit by bit.

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    Re: Check us out!


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