........save the shinobi world from madara and the jubi. The reason i say this is because naruto is the main character and the hero of the narutoverse and seeing as he's the hero and main character of the narutoverse in order for naruto to achieve his goals which include saving sasuke from the uchiha hatred and returning him to konoha and sakura thus reuniting team 7,also naruto is entrusted with the wills of many like jiraiya,nagato,hashirama,the sage who wanted to bring peace meaning that alot of people have faith in naruto and has entrusted him with the mission to save the shinobi world and resolve it's problems thus bringing the peace to the world that the sage etc wanted but in order for naruto to achieve these things he's gonna have to eliminate the obstacles that are in his way(madara uchiha,obito,jubi and maybe sasuke) in order for his mission to be successful but right now naruto and the shinobi world are facing the biggest threats to the shinobi world such as edo madara who's practically undefeatable and has limitless chakra and stamina and keeps regenerating making defeating him seem impossible,obito who's angry at the shinobi world that caused rin's death and has been working with madara to revive the jubi and eventually enslave the shinobi world in a dream world and to make things worse the mosterous beast that is the jubi has been revived and seeing as it's mindless obito and madara have basically become it's mind and with the jubi's immeasurable power that makes a pretty op unstoppable force that not even the combined efforts of naruto,kurama,bee,gyuuki(who are the last 2 remaining jinchuriki) and the rest of the shinobi alliance can stand a chance and seeing as we don't yet know how the knowledge sasuke will aquire will affect sasuke we don't know whether or not he'll come to the rescue or will he side with obito and madara but even so the only way i can see edo madara,obito and the jubi being defeated is if naruto miraculously obtains some new powers that possibly belong to the sage cause truthfully i believe it will take the power of the so6p to deal with this threat and i don't see why naruto wouldn't get any more of the sages jutsu afterall he did use the sages sealing jutsu(which he never learnt or even heard of) to take more of kuramas power,separate kuramas powerfrom it's will and seal it in a separate place thus awakening kyubi chakra mode which shocked kurama and then awakened bijuu mode that gives him a striking resemblance to the sage.