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    Madara's moveset in Storm 3

    Hey guys I was thinking abouts movesets that new characters in storm 3 could possibly have and I came across this idea about Madara's future moveset.

    As we all know it, Madara's arsenal is pretty huge and diverse so how could they fit all his techniques into one character's moveset?

    Well why don't they make an alternative costume of Madara which would be his Edo Tensei form?
    There would be EMS Madara (when he fought Hashi) and his alternative costume: Edo Tensei which is obviously Edo Madara with the rinnegan

    This is how I imagine their movesets:

    EMS Madara :

    Jutsu : Dragon Flame Release Song Technique :

    Ultimate : Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction

    Awakening : Perfect Susanoo :

    The perfect susanoo final form would be too big so I chose this one.

    So that's about it for EMS Madara moveset, for his combo he would be using his Gumbai to smash the opponent around. I don't expect him to be the fast type of guy, but rather he would be focusing on strength and heavy hit, a bit like Hashirama in the game.

    Edo Madara:

    Jutsu: Great Fire Annihilation

    Ultimate : Meteorite Technique :

    Yep, you were probably expecting that one , as for this Ultimate, the cutscene would go like this: You see Madara lifting his hands toward the sky and pulling down two huge meteorites slowly crashing on the map, then exploding and annihilating everything including Madara, at the end of this ultimate you would see Madara regenerating in his Edo Tensei Form then stretching his body like nothing happened like a boss.

    Awakening: Perfect Susanoo

    Oh wait, didn't I say this one would be too big for the game to handle earlier? Nevermind, I'm pretty sure today's system can handle it, it would just be great if Edo Madara had it. They can still make it a bit smaller because I realize how huge it really is.

    As you probably already know it, every characters in their awakening state can now use a jutsu. In this perfect Susanoo form, Madara would be summoning his Mokuton bunshins (2 exactly) in complete Susanoo form that would appear for 2 or 3 sec and charge toward the enemy striking him with a sword slash (kind of like Kabuto's jutsu).

    In his combos he would be using some wood release to beat his opponent around and for one of his combo (most likely the upper one) it would be awesome if he used wood dragon as a finishing strike.

    So that's about it, tell me what you think and if you found my suggestions alright.
    I know I didn't cover their entire movesets, there are still plenty of stuff missing like the Grab and the Tilt move.. and yeah that's all. If you have an idea on what their grab and tilt could be then let me know about it. Thanks.
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