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    Madara/obito vs akatsuki thread

    My thread went missing sorry guys I think the owners took it out ecause a picture on there was supposedly advertising or something man it was getting so interesting -.-

    Well if anyone wants to contuine you it here I was saying that I'm not and obito or madara hardcore fan but it would be a crazy fight considering madara perfect sasano and renniegan and obito spam .

    (My last post)

    everyone is only factoring in itachi and pain but the other akatsuki me members are hella strong I think with the crazy combos they would have some big trouble with Kazuku and Hidan combo against obito it would be hard tryna get Hidan if Kazuku just blows em up anyways and plus kasame the tailless beast he's crazy as well and I think would give madara a bit of trouble !im not a obito or Madaras fan but I'm just saying it would be a crazy fight
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    Re: Madara/obito vs akatsuki thread

    Quote Originally Posted by zoos View Post
    Actually it is OP
    Especially when used by someone like Obito
    Guys like Minato have the best chance of beating it simply cause of the speed and his teleportation
    well does obito kamui kill u? no. injury you? no. long range kamui could have kill u thats kakashi's kamui. obito kamui is just useful like take someone in hen let it out, teleport etc.. but its nothing to hurt u.. if u say obito killed many of people thats because he is very skillful with kamui e.g he took them in then kill them with his knife or whatever in different dimenion. most people don't know about kmaui much.. if they do they will find out how o counter then obito will realised its useless but good for teleport or stop the attack etc..

    Sorry my english isn't good. hope u understand

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