Definition of fodder by meaning : Feed for livestock, especially coarsely chopped hay or straw, Raw material, as for artistic creation, A consumable, often inferior item or resource that is in demand and usually abundant supply.

Definition by internet slang (or here in NV) : the persons that always get the beating, the ones that been sacrified, No use, have not enough strength to counterback their attacker etc.

So, in short, here people keep saying fodder here, fodder there. based on their logic, weak ninja that compared to stronger ninja is a fodder. Am i right? If im right, the logic is comparing Edo Madara to the 5 Kages, they all just but FODDERS too right? Obviously, Edo Madara just TOYING with all of them, not even scratch he had, nor any wound, not just because Edo madara is undead, but simply because all the 5 Kages are simply FODDERs.

Just for the logic thinking, seems like every ninja is a fodder by nature when it comes to which stronger ninja they fight and they lost. And if its a stalemate, they both FODDERs still coz no one win. Or am i absolutely wrong about this whole fodder thing?