Now everyone knows, or I assume everyone knows that Obito said he wasn't using Pain's Godly powers because he wanted to preserve chakra, while he was already manipulating 6 Jinchuuriki through the Gedo Mazou.

It was an analytical assumption made by Kakashi, and Obito merely agreed. But I don't think that was the case, I believe he only did that to make them think that he could so they would be even more wary of him.

I believe Obito cannot use any of the Six Path's abilities, which are, Unique Summonings, Demon Path's weapons, Naraka Path's King of Hell, Preta Path's jutsu absorption and Tendo's Über Godly powers. He can obviously use Taijutsu.

The only powers that I think he possessed were his Gedo Mazou Controlloing abilities and using the Jinchuuriki through it.

The same goes for Madara, with unlimited Chakra he has not demonstrated any of Pain's abilities except for Preta Path, and being synchronised up with the Juubi.

I believe that being an Uzumaki, Nagato unlocked specific powers from the Rinnegan unique only to him, courtesy of his Uzumaki blood.

Which is why I also believe Madara chose him for the Rinnegan in the first place

What do u think?