You know guys, Naruto is a complex story and I think it should be discussed like one. So how about we once tried talking to each other as if we were like...well I don't know. Like "Not on the internet" and try to be kind to each other?
So I'd be thankful if you people tried not to go like "Yo, sasuke beat 'em all up and sakura sucks UCHIHAPOWA" e.t.c. and discussed properly with me.

I'm gonna try to make this as easily readable as possible, despite my rather average English skills (I only learned with Dora!)

Watching the latest Chapters I have noticed more and more, that Kishi did a huge mistake he himself didn't want to do. Yes, I'm pretty sure most people already noticed it all along, but I never had the feeling he'd have done it "by mistake".
What I'm talking about here is the depht and development of almost all his characters.

Don't get me wrong, I really love Naruto, it's a great Story, but didn't you guys also get the feeling there was something odd with Neji's death and Hinata's love? Let's be serious: If you leave out all fan made drama, there wasn't much feeling to it. It was really, really forced. I doubt anyone felt any romance between Naruto and Hinata and I also doubt anyone actually felt REALLY sad about Neji dying, yet these short panels looked so "dramatic".
It felt forced, because it was. It felt like Kishi noticed his Manga was going to end and remembered how he did a brilliant job developing Naruto and a few others, but most of the other characters just didn't change the slightest from chapter 0.
So he wanted to force feelings on us. Feelings we wouldn't have, because these characters mostly don't mean much to us.

Yeah, sure, every now and then someone get's hung up on a side character, but that's it. The majority felt Neji was nothing but fodder and could have been replaced by anyone else.

On the other hand I have to say, that Kishi had no other option to make up for his mistake, because, let's be honest:
Even though the Juubi fight has been dragging, it HAD to be done. This will probably be Naruto's (2nd) most important fight and considering the fight against Sasuke (which is bound to happen...) will probably have enough happening to fill a whole season, Naruto just needed this. He needed this kind of "ending chapters" with his friends.
And I gotta say, he didn't do that much of a bad job on this one, he just filled the gap between introducing these characters and this "end" with a big mass of nothing.
Even Sakura has had no progress at all, and she's a main character.

By now I actually understand this fanboyism about Sasuke very well, as he is one of the few characters developed very well. I'd even say that an outstanding job was done developing his character (though I myself until the point where Itachi was revived and he talked a bit with him couldn't actually understand him too well).
But that's it.

The characters developed the best were Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi (+ a few others, but these ones were by far the best). There is literaly nothing else.
Yes, you COULD say that Kakashi was developed well due to his gaiden, but he really wasn't. Kishi just often showed how much unused potential was in this character.
I mean, he was a genius who was Jonin with the age of a teen. He was an Anbu. His best childhood friend now turned into a the greatest threat the country has ever faced. He has the sharingan as a non Uchiha and he's quite good at using it.
Even though having this much of seriously interesting background information, we still don't even really know how strong he is compared to other Ninjas. We only know that was weaker than Itachi once and considering he is SUPPOSED to have improved during Shippuuden not even that is 100% certain anymore.

Actually, we can barely tell about anyone how strong he is compared to other Ninjas. Most versus threads are mostly fans flaming their souls out of each other, and the character with the bigger fanbase wins. (Which is why Itachi kinda counts as a Naruto God, as it seems like 80% of humanity loves him)

One more great example for that is Sakura.
Well, let's start with basics:
Any anime reaches that one point where they have one female character that's just completely useless. Most Mangakas are mostly as kind as to announce suchs characters in the openings. They can easily be identified once you see them from the side and either the sky turns completely white or there is a kind of transparent picture of some love interest being shown behind them. You know all hope is lost for this character ever being interesting if you see her folding her hands in the opening. You don't believe me? Well, count how many times Orihime from bleach already prayed.
Not to mention these characters almost always get to be the healers. And only for the reason that they need just ANY role, just to stay in the story. Seriously, wether Naruto is healed by Sakura or anyone else doesn't change ANYTHING in the story. Yet, if I ever had to choose a side on this whole stupid NaruSaku or Naruhina thing I'd probably say:

"I really, really really don't care." at first. But then I'd say: "No, really, I really don't care at all." And if people still insisted on know my opinion I'd say "Dude, I really couldn't care less..."

YET I have to say, if my life depended on chosing either one of these, I'd still go for Narusaku as Sakura at least had SOME kind of development. Sure it's nice, that Hinata had some kind of affection towards Naruto all along, but the only thing that qualifies her to be paired with Naruto would be, that Hinata is just not as stupid as Sakura (seriously, she barely knew Sasuke, what the hell is with that over-dramatized romance?).

Well, as you can guess I wanted to type a whole lot more, but seriously It's getting pretty damn late and I want to sleep. So, sorry if this post was horrible or something, I really can't tell, as I'm just frickin tired, but I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't post this!!!
I just felt there was SO much Kishi could have done better. I really wish he had given a bit more thought on his side characters, like Oda in One Piece (admit it, every single character had enough depht to fill a whole anime, and most of them didn't even have half the background they had in Naruto. Yet, they were more interesting. Kishi really missed a chance there)

So what do you think? And which character do you feel was wasted the most?