Sasuke saw that konoha did not know the true intention of itachi and Itachi decisions he made to save the villages.The hidden leaf ninja view itachi as a traitor
Look at sasuke emotion in this situation,he have deep hatred to konoha

This pages show sasuke how much hate sasuke had toward konoha and kakashi notice it

This was one of sasuke reason of reviving orichimaru because he had the same desire to destroy konoha

Finally sasuke is in konoha.I am sure alot of memory abour his clan and the stuff the village did to his clan was in his mind.This is the reason why he look pissed when he was viewing the town.Why will kishimoto show konoha and then sasuke facial reaction afterward?

The uchiha clan power or strenght come from their hatred.Since sasuke had so much hatred to the leaf orichimaru and other felt it,that why orichmaru said , "it bother him a little ' because he saw sasuke facial reaction when he arrive to konoha.

Naruto and other are too far from konoha for sasuke to sense his chakra.I donot believe sasuke and other did sense naruto chakra because the jubi is in the same place where naruto is located.The jubi have 7 tailbeast,gedo mazo chakra ,some of 8 tail chakra and kurama chakra while naruto is just a host of kurama.Do you think kurama and naruto put together have more chakra than the jubi to make that impact on orichimaru and other from a far distance?
The uchiha clan are known for their strong chakra and spiritual energy.I also believe the hatred sasuke have toward konaha stimilated his spiritual energy that also

1.I believe the manga was not properly translated concerning sasuke part.
2.Naruto is too far from konoha and the jubi have more chakra power than naruto for other to sense it
3.Sasuke hatred to konoha causes orichamaru and ther other around sasuke to also felt it.