Why is that Orochimaru, Sasuke, Jugo, and Suigetsu can sense naruto's chakra and not the Juubi's? Also how do they know its naruto's chakra? I would think that you could sense the Ten Tail's chakra more than Narutos. But heres why i think they are sensing naruto's Chakra.

Naruto was given chakra from all the other tailed beast.
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On this next link it shows an image of naruto with "chakra" surrounding him. There are nine different sources of chakra.. which could represent nine different tailed beast.
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My last theory of why they think its Naruto's Chakra is because he converted the Nine Tails chakra into his own.
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However, what really troubles me, is the fact that the Juubi also posses chakra from all the other tailed beast... But the Juubi is said to be Natural Energy just like water and land. So how could they differentiate Naruto's Chakra from the Juubi? What do you guys think? Thanks for reading.