Hi, I posted this thread some time ago, theorizing a bit on if Kishi was foreshadowing, here's the link if you'd like to check it out: http://narutobase.net/forums/showthr...+foreshadowing

However, I was browsing through some chapters now, and noticed this page here

Now, I'm not gonna start with the same old "slug, frog, snake, sannin, etc" stuff, but check this out...Look at between Naruto's legs...yup, you're right, Sakura is holding an axe. This might seem like a random decision that won't matter in the future, but if you look at my old thread, you can see a picture of the three, and in that one, Sakura is also holding an axe (or two for that matter)

Just wondering, how do you think this will go, do you think it's possible that Sakura's next powerups might include the an axe ? :shrug: I mean, it just seems kinda random for Kishi to draw her with the same weapon twice...