As dumb as he is, Naruto has demonstrated great leadership skills in very serious situations, like for example.

1. When he told Kakashi and everyone else that he would deal with Kakuzu by himself and succeeding.

2. During the Invasion of Pain Arc, he told Tsunade that he would deal Pain by himself and that everyone else in the village to stay out of the way, in the end he became a hero.

3. After the Five Kage Summit, he told his friends that he'll be the one to deal with Sasuke and that they should stay out of the way, to which they agreed.

4. During the war, one of his clones told Gaara and Onoki told deal with the Mizukage while he dealt with the Raikage, to which they agreed.

5. The rest of his clones across the battlefield were directing the Shinobi Alliance to where the White Zetsu's.

6. Lastly, ever since he unlocked Bijuu Mode, he basically put himself in charge despite Kakashi and Guy being there up until the point where the Shinobi Alliance arrived to help him.

We would these count as demonstrations of Naruto's leadership skills?