First let me say this is my first thread post.

After waiting 3 weeks for the next issue to come out, I was a little underwhelmed with this chapter. Here are my thoughts:
1. If Sasuke has returned to the Leaf to "go to where it all began" then I'm thinking he means one of two things:
- He's going to that secret Uchiha lair to read the stone, now that he has Itachi's eyes. He won't be able to read all of it because he doesn't have the rinnegan, but maybe he'll discover something new.


- He's going back to the time and place of the Uchiha massacre. Time travel isn't impossible in the Narutoverse so maybe he just wants to see it all go down for himself.

2. Is the ninja on page 3 supposed to be Hinata with a MS? Sasuke doesn't doesn't have purple hair. And it says "heriones" plural. Then again, it also says "heroes" plural. But maybe through this battle Hinata unlocks the sharingan? It's supposed to be possible since rinnegan can be unlocked from sharingan. Interesting if she did, but what would be the point? Another way to introduce the sharingan back into the village since Sasuke is out? Why not just start implanting all of the eyes Obito has? He had plenty.

3. Awesome that Orochimaru, Sasuke, and friends can just walk into the village during war. No one notices?

4. Everyone gets a fox cloak? Seems a little cheesy. Even still, they get fox chakra and then what? The 10-tails is still supposed to be a million times stronger. The fox even said that.

5. Talk, talk, talk in the middle. We didn't need to hear the final dialogue between fathers and kids. Boring.

6. Ino may not get a lot of credit but she's pulled off a mind transfer on Obito/the ten-tails twice now. Strategically that is a pretty good technique.

7. We know now that Naruto is going to try to get inside the ten-tails' mind somehow. He says it on the bottom of page 15. Maybe he'll do it through Kurama? Maybe the tailed beasts are still conscious inside the ten-tails somehow and they'll help Naruto defeat the ten-tails from within? Where is all of the chakra that the other beasts gave him?

8. Anyone else notice that it's all about the Leaf and their techniques at this point?

9. The plot is maybe leading us towards Naruto getting inside the mind of the ten-tails, but didn't we just learn that you have to attack the mind first? They have immobilized the ten-tails (like they did once already) so shouldn't they be attacking Madara and Obito next? And last I checked edo Madara nearly killed all 5 kages. What new technique is he going to whip out that can suddenly scratch Madara? And I guess the rest of the army can get Obito?

Thanks for reading my thread. Hope you found it interesting.