First he has neji like beyokaugan and taijutsu levels (meaning they would b on same level taijutsu wise plus he can read movements and shut down ur system so no a person like A or minato can't just blitz him and call it a day)

He also has the nano bug thing in his body all over it like tortune has so his taijutsu is really fatal

He has great chakra levels and stamina

he's proficient with medical jutsu like under kabuto or something

As for an element he has wind release and does wind blasts like temari just without a fan just his hands kind of like tht girl with the twin swords in tht filler in the anime right before shippuden

If u ask me this would make an OP awesome charaecter and everybody going after wrong kekkegenkai having tht nano thing and training ur beyokgan would do serious damage