I have noticed an alarming number of errors on this board, and I'm going to start trying to eliminate them so that people stop citing them as evidence for their theories.

The first one is the claim that Oro can no longer use Ninjutsu, since his hands were sealed.

I wish people would stop saying this, since it's patently untrue. He has used ninjutsu. For instance, he summoned his triple gates when he fought the 9 tails... not to mention the large amount of ninjutsu he used during that and other fights... if you mean "he didn't make any seals", well, no I don't recall him making seals since then... but then Oro has never been big on seals in the first place, he almost never makes seals, and instead uses faster snake type attacks. Not having to use seals is an advantage, not a disadvantage. So far we have zero evidence of him not being able to access ninjutsu since he switched bodies. And his arms work fine. I just looked at narutopedia, and of the 29 Jutsu Oro is listed as having there, how many use seals? Almost none. Yet we're supposed to assume he can't use ninjutsu why now? We've seen him use it repeatedly.