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    Lord of the Kings: Talos, Tiber Septim


    1,Basic Infomation:
    Name:Tiber Septim
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Talos or Ysmir
    Age: Unknown

    He is the great King of Skyrim and one of the Nine Devines.He has appreance everywhere in Tamriel,he was unmatched in battle skills,strategy and respects.He was the most famous Dragonborn,his Thu'um is so powerful that can tremble an army.He was trained by the Greybeards,arcording to Delphine that Tiber Septim disagreed to follow the Greybeards way.He commanded a great army to conquer all Tamriel which began in the Third Era.He used his powerful Thu'um and knowledge to blow up entire Elven army that caused the eternal hatred of elves toward men.He conquered Cyrodiil,Elsweyr,High Rock and Skyrim.After the conquer,he founded Empire of Cyrodiil and established a stable government for 400 years.After his death,Nords and all people of Empire praised him as God of War or Talos in the Nine Divines.Aldmeri Dominion later made the Empire to sign White-Gold Concordat which banned the worship of Talos but sons of Skyrim have resisted it and rebelled against the Empire(Stormcloak).

    He was prophesied as the hero-god of mankind.He was very smart and skillfull with weaponry,he studied the power of Thu'um which like the Last Dragonborn.He was a Dragonborn who can absorb the soul of dragons and steal its power.
    He has some knowledge at magic too.

    4.Rank/Other info
    Rank: Godlike
    Speciality: Thu'um
    Elements: Fire,Ice and Wind.
    Magic level: Adept

    Unrelenting Force: Blast enemies away like Shinra Tensei
    Fire Breath: Blast the fire toward enemies
    Frost Breath: Blast the ice toward enemies
    Dragonflesh: Fortify his magical armor
    Dragon Aspect: Call your own aspect to fight for you
    Cyclone: Wind type to call a tornado to push your enemies
    Fireball: Throw a ball of fire to your enemies

    5.Theme song.

    Talos was once greatly interested in Dwemer research,after he conquered Morrowind.He ordered his battlemage to help me to research about Numidium,a machine processes the essensce of a god.The Battlemage knew that Numidium is super powerful because it carries the Heart of Lorkhan who was a god or daedra.Talos intended to use Numidium to conquer all Tamriel and get rid of elven race forever.But his battlemage betrayed him,Talos found out and kill him.After it,he has fobbiden any interacts with Dwemer researches.He realized that he could become a powerful god but he also realized it is too dangerous

    please do subcribe to my bio,this is my first time
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